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V 3.0 DEC 14 '18
V 3.1 FEB 25 '19
V 3.2.2 JULY 1 '19
V 3.2.3 SEP 5 '19
V 3.2.4 NOV 15 '19
V 3.2.5 FEB 21 '20
V 3.2.6 APR 8 '20
V 3.2.7 JUN 22 '20
V 3.3.0 OCT 29 '20
  • CxO Level Charts
  • Best performing Prolaborate
  • SAML SSO Integration
  • New Chart Designer
  • Roadmap Charts
  • Azure DevOps Integration
  • Relationship Matrix
  • Enhanced Chart Designers
  • High Availability
  • Improved Reviews
  • Copy Dashboards and Widgets
  • Color-code Charts
  • Create Jira issues
  • Performance Fixes
  • 3.3.0


      Upgrade    Upgrade - SQL Schema    Upgrade - MySQL Schema    Confluence Macro 
      Microsoft Teams App    Add-in    Install    Install - SQL Schema    Install - MySQL Schema 

    • 🌟 Microsoft Teams Integration

      • Prolaborate makes it easier to share live architecture and modeling information from your Enterprise Architect models to Microsoft Teams. Learn more here

    • 🌟 Make it easier for users to participate in Discussions

      • A Discussions widget has been introduced to let you discuss from the landing page. Learn more here

    • 🌟 Communicate the status of Discussions to the audience

      • A Discussions summary widget has been introduced to give you a summarized view of discussions as a chart. Learn more here

    • 🌟 The server version of Azure DevOps is now officially supported. Learn more here

    • 🌟 Latest security features, as per OWASP, have been applied to the complete application and validated using premium Security Tools

    • 🌟 Error logs can now be downloaded from Prolaborate. There’s no need for Admins to contact IT teams to get logs anymore. Learn more here

    • πŸ“€ Width of Repository browser is retained on Navigation

    • πŸ“€ Long element names in Children view will be shown as a tool tip on hover

    • πŸ“€ Discussions can be created on Connectors from all the possible places

    • πŸ“€ Chart reports will show the name of the chart as the title rather than a standard text

    • πŸ“€ Bar chart labels are top aligned in a better way

    • πŸ“€ Roadmap chart

      1. Timelines and milestones will support all major date formats
      2. Toggling Groups handled in a better way without introducing blank space in the chart
    • πŸ“€ RefGUIDs supported in charts

    • πŸ“€ Item type will be shown in Jira Browser

    • πŸ“€ Excel Editor

      1. Current package selection considered while creating elements
      2. Structure notes easily using Alt + Enter
    • πŸ“€ Relationship matrices enhanced for better compatibility with EA matrice

    • πŸ“€ Reusable Access Profiles has been introduced for use in SAML and AD SSO

    • πŸ“€ Norwegian and accented characters can be used while creating users and user groups

    • 🐞 Links in the description of elements will open on click

    • 🐞 Keywords will be visible for elements

    • 🐞 Linked Documents will download properly in all compatible browsers

    • 🐞 Connector tagged values will be visible in Properties window

    • 🐞 Discussions icons will show fine in Repository browser

    • 🐞 Add as many Review discussions as you want without any limits

    • 🐞 Public URL of Reviews will not show login prompt for SAML SSO users

    • 🐞 Prolaborate add-in for EA will show the right element icons

    • 🐞 Jira search will show results only from the selected project

    • 🐞 Package type will show up in Chart Configuration for MySQL database users

    • 🐞 Latest MDG changes will be included on update

    • 🐞 WebSocket (In-app notifications) will work fine over HTTPS connections

  • 3.2.7

    22-Jun-2020   Upgrade    Upgrade - SQL Schema    Upgrade - MySQL Schema    Confluence Macro    Add-in 
      Install    Install - SQL Schema    Install - MySQL Schema 

    • 🌟 Centralized User and License Management

      • Manage your users and licenses easily from a single place

    • 🌟 Prolaborate DB Management

      • Backup and restore Prolaborate databases as and when needed using the new utility

    • 🌟 Share multiple diagrams in Confluence

      • Embed as many diagrams as you want in Confluence

    • πŸ“€ Relationship Matrix – New usability enhancements and capability to share links of the matrices

    • πŸ“€ Set My Diagrams view as the landing view if you want to showcase EA diagrams easily

    • πŸ“€ Performance of Confluence macro optimized

    • πŸ“€ Capability to add long descriptions in Excel editor

    • πŸ“€ Names of Classifiers and instances will show up as in EA now

    • πŸ“€ Ability to set default package children view to Thumbnail, Table, or List

    • πŸ“€ UI of Landscape charts can be customized further through the new settings

    • πŸ“€ Labels made clearly visible even in crowded Bar charts

    • πŸ“€ Review side bar will also show incomplete or pending reviews

    • πŸ“€ Final Review comments are added as discussions for later reference. They are added to email notifications as well

    • πŸ“€ Labels updated in Sign up settings to make it simpler

    • πŸ“€ Confirmation window introduced while deleting a dashboard widget

    • πŸ“€ UI of Repositories Configure window enhanced for better readability

    • πŸ“€ Tooltip introduced to see full name of Reviews in Feeds

    • πŸ“€ Proper messages will be shown for empty Review widgets

    • πŸ“€ Proper message shown when EA Postgres database without the prerequisites are added and EA databases with unsupported EA schema are added

    • πŸ“€ Windows authentication supported while configuring Microsoft SQL databases

    • πŸ“€ Credentials will be encrypted even in internal server logs

    • 🐞 Reviewer statuses will show up fine Review Dashboards

    • 🐞 Access permissions will not be impacted by change in Model names

    • 🐞 Enum tagged values will show up as blank if no value is set

    • 🐞 Review widgets performance optimized

    • 🐞 Adding MDGs that have dependencies will work as expected

    • 🐞 Export and import of custom attributes work fine now

    • 🐞 Scroll bar introduced in Repository dropdown

    • 🐞 AD groups users will be available while tagging users in discussions

  • 3.2.6

    08-Apr-2020   Upgrade    Upgrade - SQL Schema    Upgrade - MySQL Schema    Confluence Macro    Add-in 
      Install    Install - SQL Schema    Install - MySQL Schema 

    • πŸ“€ Huge performance optimization - Diagrams, packages, objects, and users list in Discussions will load 2x faster

    • πŸ“€ This version is compatible with Pro Cloud Server’s latest version and Token edition

    • πŸ“€ Accented characters are now supported in Form designer

    • 🐞 Repository failure messages will show correctly when there is an issue with EA Security credentials

  • 3.2.5

    21-Feb-2020   Upgrade    Upgrade - SQL Schema    Upgrade - MySQL Schema    Confluence Macro    Add-in 
      Install    Install - SQL Schema    Install - MySQL Schema 

    • 🌟 Saves tons of hours of building dashboards by reusing widgets and dashboards

      • Copy dashboards and widgets within and across repositories

    • 🌟 Visualize and highlight statuses to decision makers to prompt action

      • Color code applications, activities, or any EA objects based on their properties or tagged values

    • 🌟 Create Jira / Azure DevOps issues or items on the fly

      • Found a task related to your EA model while browsing through it using Prolaborate? Create Jira or Azure DevOps tasks, issues, stories, etc.

    • 🌟 Share documents easily with business users

      • Create reports on linked or embedded documents. Users can view and download the documents as well

    • πŸ“€ Browser back button supported in all scenarios for easier navigation

    • πŸ“€ Most of the global settings moved to Repository level for better management

    • πŸ“€ Reports available at Level 1 for Multi-level charts

    • πŸ“€ Look and feel enhanced for Landscape charts

    • πŸ“€ Create dashboards with links to other dashboards

    • πŸ“€ Customize discussion identifiers as per your requirements

    • πŸ“€ Format chart values for better presentation

    • πŸ“€ AD users can add their personal information in Prolaborate

  • 3.2.4

    15-Nov-2019   Upgrade Notes    New Installation Notes    Confluence Macro    Add-in 

    • 🌟 Reviews enhanced to give the users a smooth and streamlined experience

      • Multi-level selection of review items revamped to let Reviewers and Approvers give feedback easily

      • Review admins will be able to manage all the Reviews

      • Easily start discussions on the objects on Diagrams sent for Review

      • Various other UI and UX enhancements

    • πŸ“€ Invite AD users to discussions by tagging them

    • πŸ“€ Click any pie on Nested Pie chart to expand it

    • πŸ“€ Hide sub-blocks in Heatmap charts to better showcase complex information

    • πŸ“€ Set a custom label for Z-axis in Bubble chart

    • πŸ“€ Easily view groups a user is part of

    • πŸ“€ Repository browser works on lazy loading concept now

    • πŸ“€ Diagram type filter in My Diagrams will show content based on model data

    • πŸ“€ Minor enhancements to scrolling behavior of Repository browser

    • πŸ“€ Look and feel enhanced for Landscape Charts for improved user experience

    • πŸ“€ Text orientation fixed in Nested pie charts for better readability

    • πŸ“€ Support added for MySQL 8 version

    • πŸ“€ Added compatibility for Pro Cloud Server Token edition

    • πŸ“€ Relationship Matrix optimized for better performance

    • πŸ“€ Accented character support added to all forms and chart designers

    • πŸ“€ Invite Collaborators email template enhanced

    • 🐞 Export EA reports to CSV files without any issues

    • 🐞 All in-app notifications will show up correctly

    • 🐞 Expired AD users will not be able to login

    • 🐞 Emails sent out all the time to newly registered users

    • 🐞 Recently Viewed Items - Multiple minor bugs fixed

    • πŸ“– Idle Session Timeout removed to ensure users stay connected

    • πŸ“– User Sessions changed to Login History

  • 3.2.3

    5-Sep-2019   Upgrade Notes    New Installation Notes    Confluence Macro    Add-in 

    • 🌟 Enhanced Azure DevOps Integration

      • Bring in specific filtered information from Azure DevOps to your EA dashboards in Prolaborate

    • 🌟 Build specific charts to answer key queries to your audience

      • Property/Value and connector direction based filters introduced on top of existing filters in all Charts

    • 🌟 No need to create new profiles to create elements

      • Excel Interface linked to Modeling Languages. Just reuse configuration from Modeling Languages

    • 🌟 Highly Available Prolaborate

      • Prolaborate can now be hosted on highly available and auto-scalable cloud environments

    • πŸ“€ Set color of your choice for the text shown on charts

    • πŸ“€ EA Reports enhanced to suit latest changes in Package children view

    • πŸ“€ Complete hierarchy will be highlighted when you hover over Landscape charts

    • πŸ“€ Length of name of dashboard widgets increased from 50 to 200

    • 🐞 Pasting any kind of text in Review notes will get submitted properly

    • 🐞 Users logging in through any Single Sign-On app will be directly taken to Dashboards page if there’s only one repository

    • 🐞 Internal documents can be downloaded from Oracle EA models

    • 🐞 Columns in EA Reports will show columns as per the configuration in Modeling Languages

    • 🐞 Accented characters across various languages are now supported in email notifications

    • 🐞 Downloaded EA reports will show long notes properly

  • 3.2.2

    1-July-2019   Upgrade Notes    New Installation Notes    Confluence Macro    Add-in 

    • 🌟 Architecture in One-Page

      • Create Strategy map or Application Portfolio view or a Service landscape using the landscape diagrams. (Read more)

    • 🌟 Derive valuable insights from complex Enterprise Architecture data

      • Multi-layered charts like Heat maps and Sunburst charts can be created using designers effortlessly (Read more)

    • 🌟 Enhance decision making process through multi-dimensional bubble charts

      • Chart designer enhanced to support the 3rd dimension of bubble chart (Read more)

    • 🌟 Track the progress between current-state and future-state architecture

      • Important milestones and events can be added to EA Roadmaps. Multiple settings introduced to enhance readability (Read more)

    • 🌟 Visualize, understand, and analyze relationships in your EA models through the all new Relationship Matrix

      • Relationship Matrices created in Enterprise Architect are also supported (Read more)

    • 🌟 Creating and editing EA data has never been more easier!

      • Bulk import and edit EA elements using an intuitive Excel interface (Read more)

    • 🌟 Integrate with Azure DevOps

      • Create end to end links between items in EA and Azure DevOps (Read more)

    • 🌟 Integrate with an app of your choice

      • Public APIs introduced for custom Integration

    • πŸ“€ Customize the colors of all visualizations in Prolaborate through custom color palettes

    • πŸ“€ Change Time zone of Prolaborate at a global as well user level

    • πŸ“€ Configure Multiple Active Directory domains for SSO

    • πŸ“€ Setup default access permissions for users signing up using direct sign up forms

    • πŸ“€ Give Review feedback directly from diagram or overview pages of elements

    • πŸ“€ View EA models of any size and any number of levels

    • πŸ“€ Enhance the look and feel of Dashboards using new color settings

    • πŸ“€ Search for diagrams in an easier way using the revamped filters in My diagrams

    • πŸ“€ Land directly on dashboard when logging as a SAML user

    • πŸ“€ Troubleshoot better with improved logs and log controls

    • 🐞 Minor issues in Sections and access permissions have been resolved

    • 🐞 Emails will deliver correctly irrespective of their language

    • πŸ“– Filter type removed from Integration project configuration

  • 3.1.0

    25-Feb-2019   Upgrade Notes    New Installation Notes 

    • 🌟 Improve Security and user experience with Single Sign-on (SSO)

      • No time to manage users in Prolaborate? Integrate Prolaborate with any SAML-based identity providers like Okta, Microsoft ADFS, Mini Orange, etc.
        (Read more)

    • 🌟 Use Roadmaps to visualize the path and timeline to achieve your Organization’s goals

      • Want to showcase roadmap of your Organization to business users? Create rich roadmaps based on your architecture data using form based designers
        (Read more)

    • 🌟 Create CxO level presentation views with rich and dynamic charts using chart designer

      • Not comfortable with building charts from SQL queries? Use the simple and intuitive designer to create charts with just a few clicks. (Read more)

    • 🌟 Let stakeholders access specific parts of your EA models and custom dashboards just by using a simple link

      • Let’s make HTML publishing simpler and real-time! Share links of repositories to let everyone access EA model information and Prolaborate dashboards. No sign-in required! (Read more)

    • 🌟 Enable active collaboration within your organization through targeted email notifications

      • Are your users receiving too many emails? Users will get notified through emails ONLY if they are involved in the discussions and reviews that are going on.

    • 🌟 Enterprise grade security

      • Extensive assessment was done using specialized security tools such as ZAP, Acunetix, and Burp Suite to make Prolaborate more secure

      • Prolaborate is now FIPS compliant.

    • 🌟 Standardize the way you embed EA information in web portals like SharePoint, Confluence, Joomla, etc.

      • Configure all the properties of iFrame based embeddable links

    • 🌟 New version of Prolaborate add-in for EA and Prolaborate macro for Confluence released

    • πŸ“€ Create and edit elements irrespective of EA security modes

    • πŸ“€ UI framework upgraded to give you a better experience

    • πŸ“€ Multi-level charts like Heatmaps and Nested pie charts has been optimized for better performance

    • πŸ“€ View progress of Reviews from your Dashboard and side bar through improved UI

    • πŸ“€ Order of EA objects in Repository browser would be same as in EA

    • πŸ“€ New password rules introduced to improve security

    • πŸ“€ Counts in Discussion overlays will show the count of open discussions

    • πŸ“€ Discussions and Feeds optimized for better performance

    • πŸ“€ Ability to download Discussions as PDF is available again

    • πŸ“€ Package children view improved to be similar to EA Reports view

    • πŸ“€ Preview Access Permissions has been brought back with improved features like capability to preview permissions of an user group

    • πŸ“€ Sections revamped to improved performance

    • πŸ“€ Configure access for Repository will take into account the configuration of Sections

    • 🐞 Recently viewed items will work as expected

  • 3.0.0

    14-DEC-2018   Upgrade Notes    New Installation Notes 

    • 🌟 New CxO level charts

      • Create multi-level charts to represent complex data in an impressive and easily understandable way. (Read more)

    • 🌟 Best performing Prolaborate yet

      • Feel the difference by upgrading to this new version

    • 🌟 Support for Active Directory (AD) groups available in all Prolaborate editions

      • AD groups have a separate page of action – You can add, view members, enable/disable, and sync them. (Read more)

    • 🌟 Bring your Impact Analysis views to Dashboard

      • A new dashboard widget has been introduced that lets you bring Impact Analysis views straight to your dashboard. (Read more)

    • 🌟 Delete discussions

      • Collaborate freely without having to think twice, as you have the capability to delete a discussion. (Read more)

    • 🌟 Complete Jira report

      • You can see the full list of Jira items without any limitations in a separate table view. (Read more)

    • 🌟 Revamped Subscriptions

      • Looking to make your email and in-app notifications more relevant? Subscribe only to the models of your choice using β€œSubscriptions”. (Read more)

    • 🌟 Single access for all users of a Repository

      • Don’ t want to configure access individually for the users? No problem. Configure a single access for all the users. (Read more)

    • 🌟 New Health Checks page

      • View all the important information related to the functioning of Prolaborate at a single place. (Read more)

    • πŸ“€ You will now be able to AD groups to Prolaborate groups. This will let you set Repository admin access and default dashboards to members of Active Directory (AD) groups

    • πŸ“€ UX enhancements to the way you search for AD users and groups

    • πŸ“€ Double click action handled for objects without landing pages like boundaries, notes, texts, etc.

    • πŸ“€ By default, you will only see open Discussions unlike before where you had to apply a filter to see the open discussions

    • πŸ“€ Links on EA diagrams will open the link in a new tab when you double click on them

    • πŸ“€ Better communication to users when Sections or Access permissions are not defined

    • πŸ“€ Better control to users while adding a new repository. Choose whether you want to configure Sections and Access permissions automatically or manually

    • πŸ“€ Deleting a Section will work instantly

    • πŸ“€ Linked documents can be viewed in Full screen

    • πŸ“€ Reviews optimized to handle huge EA models

    • πŸ“€ WebSocket can be configured over HTTPS protocol

    • 🐞 Links on EA reports will work fine

    • 🐞 Save changes to objects which has access control defined in Modeling Languages

    • πŸ“– Lookup service disabled by default and so, EA updates widget will not be available in Dashboard

    • πŸ“– Reserved users and read-only users concept has been removed to avoid confusion

    • πŸ“– View Access permissions removed for now. Will be re-introduced in upcoming release

    • πŸ“– Capability to download discussions as PDF has been removed and will be reintroduced in upcoming release

    • πŸ“– Sticky Diagram List widget has been removed from the Dashboard widgets list