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version explorer
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Introducing Version Explorer - Prolaborate 5.2 Feature

Version Explorer, an exciting new feature of Prolaborate, allows architects to compare multiple model versions seamlessly. This will significantly enhance architects’ understanding of the architectural transition and let them make prudent decisions.

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Genie - Generative AI in Sparx Systems Prolaborate

Prolaborate introduces next generation capabilities to enable AI in Enterprise Architecture.

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Prolaborate's AI Assistant Genie as a Search Assistant

Find the specific model insights they need by searching architectural information using natural language queries.​

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Prolaborate's AI Assistant Genie Summarizes & Responds to Discussions

Easily produce clear and concise summaries of conversation threads, ensuring users stay informed and can respond promptly.

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Prolaborate's AI Assistant Genie as a Documentation Assistant

Leverage the power of Generative AI to Generate documentation based on model context , metadata and publicly available information. Use the power of Generative AI to document your diagrams and artifacts.

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Prolaborate's AI Assistant Genie as a Chat Agent

The Intelligent Chat Agent will engage in conversation with you and deliver insightful responses​. Engage in insightful conversations with the Intelligent Chat Assistant, streamlining the process of navigating through extensive information and locating necessary details.

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Simplify Model Updates with List Views and Inline Editor

In this video, we’ll explore the various aspects of the Inline Editor and how it simplifies the model update process. It’s a game-changer for Sparx Enterprise Architect (EA) users.

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Meet Genie: Prolaborate's AI Assistant for Enterprise Architecture

In this video, we demonstrate Genie’s various abilities. Genie, a powerful AI Assistant trained in Enterprise Architecture Models, assists architects, modelers, and others in their everyday work, facilitating their tasks.

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Unlock Actionable Insights with the Cards Widget

In this video, we’ll showcase a most preferred report type known for its simplicity and clarity. Business users invariably prefer concise insights over complex architectural information.

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Introducing Lifecycle Roadmaps in Prolaborate

n this video, we’ll discuss how Prolaborate can be efficiently utilized by architects and technology leaders to visualize and prioritize their enterprise objectives while fulfilling business requirements.

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Prolaborate AI Genie Preview

Introducing Genie!, the AI-powered Architecture Assistant! Sparx Systems Prolaborate has taken a leap forward to unleash the power of AI in Architecture. Revolutionize your Architecture practice with insights using the AI assistant.

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Introducing Dynamic Charts in Prolaborate 5

In this video, we explain the newly introduced ‘Dynamic Charts’ feature, which adds flexibility to visual reporting, including multiple views from a single report, the elimination of data redundancy and more.

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Perform What-If Analysis using Prolaborate Analyzer

Analyze EA data with improved visualisations to help teams make better decisions.

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Enterprise Architect - Impact Analysis

Enable teams to take better decisions using EA data by analysing them with enhanced visualizations.

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Empowering Architectural Teams: Leveraging Prolaborate Discussions

Collaboration fosters shared understanding and alignment within and across teams. Enhance your work by collaborating seamlessly. Engage in real-time discussions on your live Sparx EA models with Prolaborate’s intuitive and context-based Discussions feature.

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Customize Landing Page using Dashboard Designer

Design an intuitive, user-friendly landing page for your EA projects using Dashboard Designer.

Create Web Portal
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Create Web Portal for Enterprise Architect Models

Design intuitive Web portal for live Enterprise Architect models using Prolaborate Dashboard.

Simplifying Enterprise Architect
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Simplifying Enterprise Architect MDG Technologies using Form Designer

Create custom forms and views to cater to different users. This helps you show relevant information and minimize information overload.

Enterprise Architect Model to Web Portal
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Enterprise Architect Model to Web Portal in 4 Simple Steps

Convert your Enterprise Architect Models to a Collaborative Portal in 4 simple steps using Prolaborate.

prolaborate sections
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Share selected parts of Enterprise Architect models

Control visibility of your Enterprise Architect models. Select particular packages or artifacts from your EA models to define Section

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Explore APM Accelerator

With the help of the APM Accelerator pack, architects can quickly begin modeling the data and present a comprehensive analysis of Application Management to stakeholders.
The goal is to provide a head start for teams, eliminating weeks of upfront effort and helping them see value sooner.

Sharing and Collaboration
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Prolaborate - Sharing and Collaboration Software for Enterprise Architect

Prolaborate is the next generation collaborative modeling platform that will change the way you build and share EA model knowledge.

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Prolaborate - EA Model Collaboration

Introducing Prolaborate, the Sharing and Collaboration Software for Enterprise Architect, powered by Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server.

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Enterprise Architect and Confluence Integration

Bring your EA diagrams to life in Confluence! Your users will always see the most up-to-date version of EA diagrams in Confluence.

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Prolaborate and Jira Integration for Agile Teams

In this informative video, we highlight the compelling reasons behind integrating Prolaborate and Jira, to maximize the efficiency of Agile teams.

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Configure Databases in Pro Cloud Server and add to Prolaborate

This tutorial will teach you how to configure SQL DB in Pro Cloud Server and add a Repository in Prolaborate.

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Install Prolaborate (Step by Step Guide)

Step by Step guide to set up Softwares, Databases and finally install Prolaborate in your server.


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