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  1.   Start centralized modeling in ONE WEEK!
  2.   Model using EA in your favorite browser
  3.   Eliminate your infrastructure woes
  4.   Securely connect to the models from anywhere
  5.   Models hosted in secure AWS Cloud

Cloud SaaS Services are faster, stable, secure and easy to use. It can save your company a lot of upfront and ongoing IT and support costs. This is generally the best option for companies which intend to get started as soon as possible without the hassle of setting up the right infrastructure that requires pulling in resources from across the organization.

We will be hosting everything that is required to access Enterprise Architect and Prolaborate using your browsers i.e., Sparx Systems Prolaborate, EA SaaS, Enterprise Architect (EA) repositories, Pro Cloud Server, and Floating License Server using Amazon Web Services and Azure, the world leaders in Cloud Computing Services. So, you need not worry about the security, uptime and reliability.

The offering is appropriate for businesses transitioning to a cloud-first strategy. Get started with Enterprise Architecture modeling and share them as widely as possible to encourage collaboration between stakeholders interacting with the organisation.

Item What do we do? What do you do?
Prolaborate Setup, Maintenance, and Upgrades Just sit back and relax!
EA SaaS Setup, Configuration, and Maintenance Just sit back and relax!
Floating License Server Setup, Configuration, and Maintenance Just sit back and relax!
EA Repositories Setup, Configuration, Backups, and Maintenance Just sit back and relax!

The Sparx Cloud Platform can be customised and availed in different variations depending on the Enterprise Architecture team’s current EA usage and immediate future roadmap. The options are interchangeable and customizable. The table below shows some commonly used variations by the EA community across the world.

Sparx Cloud Platform
  Complete Variation 1 Variation 2 Variation 3
    Consider this option if you are satisfied with the installed EA application. Consider this option if you want to migrate EA infrastructure to the cloud but exclude Prolaborate. Consider this option if you want to migrate your EA infrastructure and EA applications to the cloud but exclude Prolaborate.
Prolaborate Yes Yes No No
EA SaaS Yes No No Yes
Floating License Server Yes Yes Yes Yes
EA Repositories Yes Yes Yes Yes

If EA Application is already installed on your users' computers, simply migrate your EA Platform to the cloud, allowing your modelling team to connect to the faster, more reliable Cloud infrastructure and collaborate seamlessly. (Learn More)

This option is a simplified version of the platform which only focusses on the necessary EA related infrastructure (Repositories and Floating Licenses) on Cloud

This is suitable for organizations which are getting started with Enterprise Architect modeling and would want to share them in the best way possible to encourage collaboration within the Organization.


If you're still contemplating on need for sharing and collaboration for EA Models, You can start with a simpler setup that includes the necessary EA infrastructure in the cloud. (Learn More)

This offering is suitable for organizations that are looking to move their enterprise data to cloud. Global teams can connect to centralized repository hosted on secured cloud platforms. The variation improves the efficiency of teams and reduces latency when compared with server based connections.


By moving your EA Application & EA Platform setup to the cloud, allow your team to continue using their EA Application from their favorite browser. (Learn More)

The offering is suitable for organizations which are moving to a cloud-first strategy. Onboard Enterprise Architect model practitioners real quick. Start your modeling journey in a week with EA SaaS

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Enterprise Architect Cloud Infrastructure

Our cloud products regularly undergo independent verification of their security, privacy, and compliance controls, achieving certifications, attestations of compliance, or audit reports against standard globally


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