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Business Capability Management (BCM)

Business Capability Management (BCM)

Envision how large enterprises approach complex challenges-the Business Capability Management (BCM) doesn’t simply represent a model or data; it’s a strategic information system.

Enterprises leverage BCM models to gather all the capabilities that pave the way for streamlined collaboration and a holistic view of organizational strengths. BCM showcases an organization’s capabilities and its dependencies. The holistic view of the Organization’s capabilities allows architects to see how different parts of the business interconnect and plan for the long-term strategic growth of the Organization.

Why is Business Capability Management essential?

  • Align the capabilities of an organization with its strategic objectives.
  • Business capability modeling helps identify and address potential risks, reducing the impact of business disruptions and associated recovery costs.

Cost Reduction

Up to $590K Reduction in enterprise-level IT incident. Adopting capability-driven thinking enables organizations to understand and mitigate technology risks, significantly reducing the financial impact of IT incidents.

Operational Cost Optimization

Up to 20% A better understanding of capabilities facilitates effective resource allocation, minimizes redundant efforts, and optimizes workforce productivity, leading to substantial operational cost savings.

Efficiency Gains

15% to 30% Improved business processes and streamlined operations contribute to significant efficiency gains, resulting in streamlined workflows and substantial cost savings for enterprises.

Reduce Time to Market

20% to 50% Faster time-to-market for new products and services Agile enterprises experience early market entry, accelerating the launch of new products and services, ultimately increasing revenue and enhancing overall cost-effectiveness.

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