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V 4.0.0 OCT 20 '21
V 4.1.1 FEB 28 '22
V 4.1.2 APR 05 '22
V 4.2.0 JUL 05 '22
V 4.2.1 AUG 30 '22
V 4.3.0 OCT 26 '22
V 4.4.0 DEC 05 '22
V 4.4.1 Feb 13 '23
V 4.4.2 Apr 18 '23
V 4.5.0 Jun 20 '23
  • 4.5.0

      20-JUN-2023   Build number   Upgrade - SQL Schema    Upgrade - MySQL Delimit Schema     Installation - SQL Schema 
    Installation - MySQL Schema    Prolaborate Macro for Confluence    EA Add-in    Diagram Editor    Confluence Data Migrator 

    • New Features

    • 🌟 View EA Matrix (Learn More)

      • The ability to view all the relationship matrices which are created in Sparx Enterprise Architect can be viewed from Prolaborate. This feature enables collaborators to view, share the matrix with a wider audience, and download the matrix. All these actions can be performed without switching to Sparx Enterprise Architect.
    • 🌟 Create Connectors using Matrix (Learn More)

      • From the Matrix View, Users with certain permissions are allowed to add and delete relationship between entities.
    • 🌟 Exchange Model/Architecture Information via Excel (Learn More)

      • Prolaborate allows users to download the data from reports and charts as a .xlsx file with just a click. Downloading reports & charts as an Excel file provides a possibility for non-Prolaborate users to access architecture information and review them offline or use them as the basis for further analysis or action.
      • Customers using languages such as English, Japanese, French, Deutsch, Dutch, Polish, Slovak, Swedish, Norwegian and Russian within the model also can download the report as a .xlsx file.
    • 🌟 Charts and EA Report load data on Demand (Learn More)

      • To improve the performance of reporting we have enabled a setting that pulls data cache rather than fetching the live data. This feature helps customers who are using large datasets.
      • In Charts and Reports with cached data enabled, use the refresh button to fetch the latest data.
      • The option to control the data cache is added to individual charts and reports.
    • 🌟 Email Templates are now customizable (Learn More)

      • Users can receive customized email notifications to their inboxes from Prolaborate.
      • Administrators can modify inbuild email templates as per organization standards.
    • 🌟 Search by Column was introduced for Charts and EA Reports (Learn More)

      • Individual columns search filters for charts and reports which are configured using either designer or query.
    • 🌟 Push Notification (Learn More)

      • Prolaborate now displays discussions and review notifications as opt-in alerts that allow a user to take a specific action.
      • Users can control the notifications from the Notification Settings page.
    • Improvements

    • 📤 EA Report configured using Query supports MDG Report

      • The feature helps us to display uniform column names for EA Reports when it is created using a query. Since the columns are specified in MDG Profiles it is easy to manage.
    • 📤 Multi-level charts: View Sub Report of level zero group

      • The improvement enables clickable reports for sub-group (Level 0) in multi-level charts such as Nested Pie, and Landscape.
    • 📤 Alert shown for incorrect logins attempts

      • Customers who are entering incorrect credentials are alerted with login attempt notification. This will prevent their accounts from being locked.
    • 📤 SSO Login simplified (Learn More)

      • Show only login with SSO Controls and hide other controls related to registered user.
    • 📤 Edit placeholder values in Connector & Query Property

      • Placeholder values is now made editable for connector property and query property.
      • Note:
        • Based on updated value in placeholder, the connector and query property results get modified.
    • 📤 Other Improvements

      • Detailed error log and information log are captured for Mailer setting.
      • Load up to 100 rows in Charts and EA Report, both perform better even for large data.
    • Bug Fixes

    • 🐞 Support has been added to show the boundary-type artifact in the Analyzer view.

    • 🐞 Mail notification support has now been added for SMTP servers of type MS Exchange or Office365.

    • 🐞 AD users with special characters in their names can now be added to user management and access the application as expected.

    • 🐞 Special characters such as (' . - _ ! # ^ ~ á Á ó Ó ú Ú í Í é É) are now permitted in the email ID/username (member of an AD Group).

    • 🐞 Special characters such as (- á Á ó Ó ú Ú í Í é É) are now allowed in the domain name of an email ID.

    • 🐞 The selection of an artifact within a review discussion functions correctly.

    • 🐞 When the MDG Report feature is turned off, reports defined using queries now display the columns specified in the query.

    • 🐞 Reviews created by authors who have been removed from the application are now accessible.

    • 🐞 Constraints texts are now properly displayed in the report view.

    • 🐞 The share link generated using Email Invite now works as expected.

    • 🐞 Users can now navigate back to the previous step of chart configuration if the report reference is removed on the preview page.

    • 🐞 Over Spacing previously applied on artifact note and constraint note, has been removed.

    • 🐞 Diagrams with an empty base type in a custom modeling language are now displayed in the MDG profile.

    • 🐞 The breadcrumbs and title now display the correct information when navigating between the dashboard template and widget template.

    • 🐞 The linked document preview windows now display the correct artifact name in the title.

    • 🐞 The "Learn more" links in the application are now redirected to the respective document in user guide.

    • 🐞 Relevant information/message is now shown if there is no data when clicking the recently viewed items dropdown.

    • 🐞 A proper message is shown when uploading the license activation key in the wrong format.

    • 🐞 Help text has been updated throughout the application.

    • 🐞 Minor Issues identified related to Dashboard, Charts and EA Reports are fixed.

  • 4.4.2

      18-APR-2023   Build number   Prolaborate Macro for Confluence    EA Add-in    Diagram Editor    Confluence Data Migrator 

    • New Features

    • 🌟Launch EA from Prolaborate to edit Diagrams or Views (Learn More)

      • Diagram Editor Plugin for Prolaborate is a simple utility for modelers using Prolaborate. When the need arises to edit a diagram, use the plugin to launch a specific diagram within Sparx Enterprise Architect and start modeling or do modifications to the diagram.
    • Improvements

    • 📤 Enhanced Security Controls

      • The security of users and data always remains a top priority for us at Prolaborate. By adding more industry-standard security controls with the support of premium security tools, the application's security has been significantly enhanced.
    • 📤 Edit Package name and its properties (Learn More)

      • In the earlier versions, users who would like to make a simple change to properties of a package they cannot perform it from Prolaborate they must open Enterprise Architect to do such change. By introducing package edit feature, Prolaborate now allows users to edit name and properties of package.
    • 📤 Apply colors for sub-groups in multi-level chart (Learn More)

      • An enhancement which is added to multi-level charts allows users to apply colors to sub-groups in multi-level charts based on the colors set for the tagged values in Modeling Language. This can help users to manage colors of sub-groups at one place rather than at individual charts and help them identify different groups and sub-groups in their charts since each color signify a value.
    • 📤 Migrate AD User accounts to SAML based User management seamlessly (Learn More)

      • With the growing demand for SAML based authentication, most of our existing customers have expressed their wish to migrate from AD-based user management to SAML based user management. To support our existing customers, we have introduced this new feature. Now, Prolaborate Active Directory users are automatically converted as SAML users along with their configuration and access. This change applies only to a user who uses the same email address before and after conversion, thus consuming a single license.
    • 📤 Launch diagrams page from Reports (Learn More)

      • We consistently improve usability in every aspect of the application. One such feature is opening diagrams rather than properties window when a user clicks on the name of any diagram in a report.
      • Previously, users had to open diagrams from the browser or My Diagrams or usage section on the overview page. Prolaborate now opens the diagrams directly instead of the properties window from the report with just a single click.
    • 📤 Access Archived Reviews (Learn More)

      • With this improvement, we are addressing a gap from the previous versions of the application where users could not view their archived reviews. When all the reviews were in the archived state, the button to filter reviews was not visible. Hence, users were not able to view the archived reviews within the application.
      • We addressed this gap in this version where users who would like to access Archived reviews can view the archived ones which contain historical references to why a specific change was initiated. It kind of acts as knowledge management to retain the insights for future reference. This feature will provide great business value as it enables users to access their archived reviews without any hassle.
    • 📤 Multilingual support for Modeling Language (Learn More)

      • Modeling Language files defined using Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Polish, Russian and Swedish languages are supported completely in this build.
      • Option to open Form Designer is visible in the properties window of artifacts whose stereotype is in other language.
    • Bug Fixes

    • 🐞 MDG Profile configurations are now retained when updating the Modeling Language.

    • 🐞 Validation for report name in report configuration is applied to avoid duplicate and help users identify the right report.

    • 🐞 Prolaborate Add-in for EA can now be used without Integration addon in the license.

    • 🐞 View all and Create button in Dashboard and Review Section are visible to users who logs into the application for the first time.

    • 🐞 Widget deletion from the dashboard functions as expected.

    • 🐞 Special characters such as (‘ . - _ ! # ^ ~) are allowed in an email ID.

    • 🐞 In a column chart and bar chart, values on X & Y axis are sorted alphabetically.

    • 🐞 New Line that is inserted automatically to text content in a text widget is removed.

    • 🐞 Zoom In and Zoom Out of diagrams now works as expected in Firefox browser.

    • 🐞 Any Active Directory user can be tagged by email ID and invited to collaborate if their AD account has an associated email ID.

    • 🐞 Mailer configuration works as expected when Authentication Type is set to Default credentials.

    • 🐞 Icons and Menus on the navigation pane are rendered as expected on zoom in and zoom out.

    • 🐞 Properties window can be opened by clicking the name of an artifact from the report view even if a custom name is used in the stereotype’s form designer.

    • 🐞 The notifications loading issue has been resolved.

    • 🐞 Constraints now display texts correctly.

    • 🐞 The bad request alert which is shown during loading sub-reports has been fixed.

    • 🐞 Users are now restricted from creating repositories with the same alias name.

    • 🐞 Default value of Enum type tagged values is displayed as expected for users having Read-Only access.

    • 🐞 Artifacts in a diagram which is part of reviews are allowed to tag to reviews from discussion window.

    • 🐞 The alignment issue in generated PDF documents from discussions has been fixed.

    • 🐞 Issues related to discussions and notifications have been addressed.

  • 4.4.1

      24-FEB-2023   Build number

    • New Features

    • 🌟Exchange Model/Architecture Information via CSV (Learn More)

      • Prolaborate now allows users to download the data from reports and charts as a CSV file with just a click. Downloading reports & charts as CSV provides a possibility for non-Prolaborate users to access architecture information and review them offline or use them as the basis for further analysis or action.
    • 🌟Prolaborate Add-in for EA (Learn More)

      • View Prolaborate discussions within Enterprise Architect:
        • View All Discussions page provides summary of all the artifacts which has discussions in Prolaborate. This kind of view helps user to understand the overall discussions happened at model.
      • Navigate to EA artifacts from a discussion in View all discussion Page:
        • Find an artifact by name or discussion content or date. Search helps users to locate artifact in the project browser.
        • Prolaborate Addin streamlined with proper error message handling on configuration, accessing the artifacts from Enterprise Architect Application.
    • Improvements

    • 📤 Roadmap Chart Usability Improvements (Learn More)

      • Hide/Show bars using legends in Roadmap charts:
        • With the introduction of legends in roadmap charts, users can hide/show bars for better usability experience. The legend on the roadmap represents unique value that provides better representation of information.
      • Better Representation of Roadmap Plan:
        • Static color is set for the group bar (plan) in the Roadmap chart to differentiate the items for a clear representation.
        • Auto hide group bar when the group is expanded. This functionality provides better clarity about the information captured.
      • Usability Improvements:
        • Clicking on a bar (plan item) in the Roadmap chart now opens the Artifact Properties Window instead of the Overview Page.
        • The date format selected in General Settings is automatically picked in the date format under time interval settings when configuring a Roadmap chart using designer.
    • 📤 Convert Prolaborate registered User account to SAML-based user account seamlessly

      • With the new functionality of user management, Prolaborate registered users are automatically converted as SAML users along with their configuration and access. This change applies only to a user who uses the same email address before and after conversion, thus consuming a single license.
    • 📤 Specific toggles that control inactive and blocked users

      • Now with specific controls, admin users can control individual user accounts that are both active or inactive. Additionally, three incorrect attempts to log in to the user account will block the account. Admin can unblock the locked account based on a request from the user.
    • 📤 Keep O365 Email notifications service Active

      • The expiry date of Client Secret token of the O365 Outlook Mail configuration, is now displayed on the Mailer configuration page. This feature helps admin to act before the expiration date. Admin can renew the token and update it to avoid disruption of email notifications.
    • 📤 Set Color for the tagged value of type Boolean

      • Prolaborate extends the support to configure individual colors for the tagged value of type Boolean. The applied color is set across various places such as Property Window, Custom Properties, Overview Page and Reports.
    • 📤 Control WebApp settings from App instead of editing properties file

      • Admin can modify session timeout, PCS requests timeout, external host permissions, and other details from the new interface under Prolaborate Service Management instead of modifying properties file.
    • Bug Fixes

    • 🐞 Custom Property not accessible for Anonymous Users and Read-only Users has been fixed.

    • 🐞 Share URL throws 404 error in Confluence has been fixed.

    • 🐞 Issues related to missing License file and Machine ID are now fixed

    • 🐞 Sort Dashboards in Dashboard listing page, login entries in Login History page, Users of Repository and Application based on Date works as expected

    • 🐞 Password reset link now expires immediately after the password is reset

    • 🐞 Loading time of discussions is optimized for diagram which has a large number of artifacts

    • 🐞 Tagging a user in a discussion of an artifact with a chart and a report works as expected

    • 🐞 Discussions created by deleted authors are now accessible

    • 🐞 The group ‘Expand and Collapse’ option in the Landscape chart now works as expected

    • 🐞 URL generated from Private and Public share are case sensitive

    • 🐞 ‘My Profile Page’ load issue for Active Directory User is fixed now

    • 🐞 Stereotype dropdown in the search window no longer retains the previously searched values

    • 🐞 Special characters are supported in tagged value of type ‘Enum’

    • 🐞 High CPU utilization issue that occurs while performing an import of large MDG file (upto 25 MB) into MSSQL DB is resolved

    • 🐞 MDG file with UTF-8 are imported into Prolaborate (MySQL) without any issues

    • 🐞 Linked document popup window duplication is now fixed

    • 🐞 Open Form Designer option is now working as expected for Connectors

    • 🐞 Packages that are deleted using EA are removed under Sections page within Prolaborate

    • 🐞 Issues related to Roadmap charts are now fixed

  • 4.4.0

      19-DEC-2022   Build number

    • New Features

    • 🌟 Create and Modify Connectors (Learn More)

      • The ability to create and modify connectors by non-EA users using a simple interface has been a long-awaited feature. Prolaborate 4.4 now supports managing connectors in a controlled manner without having to create diagrams and draw connectors. This will make it incredibly easier to get traceability information input from wider stakeholders.
    • 🌟 Simplify and Publish Connected Information (Learn More)

      • Simply create a connector property with the connected element details and Prolaborate will display the connected information (traceability) as simple clickable lists
    • 🌟 Custom Property (Query Based) (Learn More)

      • EA Model is more complex than directly connected elements, and it’s imperative to have the ability to publish more complex information for Model artifacts. Custom Property, a very flexible feature, displays information as a list that helps users to view the information in a simplified way. Added custom properties to a stereotype can be easily viewed in the Properties tab and Overview page.
    • 🌟 Link Role-based access directly with SAML User Groups (Learn More)

      • Most modern-day teams prefer to separate user management from individual tools to a central User Management System (IAM). Prolaborate 4.4 makes this easier with the ability to link SAML user group(s) to be directly linked to Role based access in Prolaborate.
    • 🌟 View discussions and reviews of Prolaborate in EA (Learn More)

      • Prolaborate Addin for Enterprise Architect provides seamless collaboration support to the EA users to review the artifacts. Users can review the discussions added in Prolaborate by a collaborator in Enterprise Architect easily without using Prolaborate.
      • Prolaborate EA-Addin is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit Enterprise Architect applications
    • 🌟 SQLite DB Support for EA with Prolaborate

      • Teams can connect to EA Repository hosted in SQLite database. The feature enables teams to access EA model information from Prolaborate.
    • Improvements

    • 📤 SSO based Jira Server Configuration (Learn More)

      • Jira SSO users can now configure Jira Server Application and access their projects in Prolaborate
    • 📤 Secured Share settings (Learn More)

      • Organizations that wish to publish EA models in a digital documentation platform like Atlassian Confluence prefer to restrict Public Access to information. By separating the controls for public link share and Embedded link share, Organizations can decide the level of access to model information.
    • 📤 Improvements in Roadmap chart (Learn More)

      • Validation for date format is added to the Roadmap chart that is designed using designer configuration. The Validation functionality ensures the date format which is entered in Prolaborate matches the date format that exists in EA.
      • Users can mention a Custom Date Format for the time interval in Roadmap Chart
    • Bug Fixes

    • 🐞 Review widget displays active reviews for the user where a user group (user belongs to) that is added as Reviewer or Approver

    • 🐞 User groups that were added as Reviewer or Approver to a review can now be successfully removed by edit

    • 🐞 Users who are part of a review cannot be invited again

    • 🐞 SAML and AD users are allowed to access Prolaborate based on the configured license type assigned to an Access Control Profile

    • 🐞 Authentication Type with Default credentials in Mailer Configuration now works as expected

    • 🐞 Users can now save the changes of the ‘Date’ type tagged value if the date format in General Settings is empty

    • 🐞 General Settings configuration now works as expected for all user types

    • 🐞 The Diagram icon within the Report Widget is now properly displayed

    • 🐞 Issues related to Roadmap charts are now fixed

  • 4.3.0

      26-OCT-2022   Build number

    • New Features

    • 🌟 Microsoft Teams Integration (Learn More)

      • Prolaborate Microsoft Teams Integration enables sharing real-time modeling information from your Enterprise Architect models to a Microsoft Teams User via Chat
    • 🌟 Open Community Access (OCA) (Learn More)

      • Open Community Access allows read-only access to anyone in the organization using short URLs
      • This feature allows an organization wide ‘Wiki’ based on model information
      • Due to security concerns, OCA is available only for an ‘On Premise’ environment
      • For Cloud environment, the users can purchase read-only licenses to obtain the same benefit
    • 🌟 Domain Access Management (Learn More)

      • The feature allows admins to control application access (Whitelist or Blacklist) based on Domain Names or IP Addresses
    • 🌟 O365 Outlook Mail Configuration (Learn More)

      • Organizations using Office 365 based email addresses can configure Microsoft’s security attributes in Mailer settings page to receive email notifications for actions performed in Prolaborate
    • 🌟 Login History (Learn More)

      • View the user's session information such as log-in date & time, log-out date & time and more
    • 🌟 Publish Model in Atlassian Confluence Cloud

      • Publish Prolaborate model content from Prolaborate V4 to Confluence Cloud
      • Migration functionality is added to migrate existing integration from Prolaborate V3 to V4
    • 🌟 Migrate Prolaborate Model Content - Atlassian Confluence

      • Migrate Prolaborate model content in Atlassian Confluence seamlessly between Confluence Server and Confluence Cloud or Confluence Data Center and Confluence Cloud
    • Improvements

    • 📤 Enhanced User Activity Tracking

      • View the Recently Modified model elements and diagrams using Recently viewed items (Learn More)
    • 📤 Improved 3.X to 4.X migrator

      • Improved version compatibility check during upgrade. If the previous version of Prolaborate is less than 3.5.0, the application throws a warning during the upgrade and halts the upgrade process (Learn More)
      • Support added for Integration Report widget migration
    • Bug Fixes

    • 🐞 Fixed ordering of EA artifacts on the Sections page

    • 🐞 Fixed repository browser content load issue for AD Group users

    • 🐞 Fixed the default dashboard setting user and user groups

    • 🐞 Comments can now be added for artifacts, widgets, and dashboards in the Firefox browser

    • 🐞 Notes added for artifacts now visible in the Firefox browser

    • 🐞 Creating EA artifacts of SysML MDG technology from Prolaborate is now properly shown in EA

  • 4.2.1

      30-Aug-2022   Build number

    • Improvements

    • 📤 The response time of search is enhanced for large models in the overall application

    • 📤 Apply colors to bars in Road Map chart based on Basic Properties or Tagged Values using Color Palette Configuration

    • 📤 Data limit support is added to charts to improve the visualization of information. The charts in the widget display an error message if the data set exceeds the expected data limit

    • 📤 Detailed subreport for a report widget will now be displayed on the same page to ease accessibility

    • 📤 The security of the application is improved by applying recommended security metrics that are applied to the overall application and validated using premium security tools. The applied metrics are listed below

      • Malicious and invalid files are restricted from upload

      • Lock Out Mechanism is added to lock the user account after three unsuccessful login attempts. Refer to FAQs to unlock an account

      • Content Security Policy for header is added to restrict I-Frame

      • Authorization header in SAML APIs is added to restrict unauthorized access of application

    • Bug Fixes

    • 🐞 Charts of type bar and column support decimal values

    • 🐞 ORDER BY and hide_ syntax in SQL query for charts and reports work as expected

    • 🐞 Chart reload issue is resolved for every di-section click

    • 🐞 Make multiple columns clickable in report widget using SQL query

    • 🐞 Support added for ‘Phase’, an EA basic property, in all types of charts

  • 4.2.0

    • 🌟 MDG Color Configuration (Learn More)

      • This feature allows users to control chart colors from a central setting at the repository level. It is applicable across various places such as Property Window, Custom Properties, Overview Page and Reports.

      • Color rendering is supported for two types of properties, Enum & Boolean.

    • 🌟 Report Configuration (Learn More)

      • One can now Create and reuse Reports to avoid repeated configurations and showcase results in different formats.

    • 🌟 MDG Based Sub-Report (Learn More)

      • The new MDG Based Sub-Report feature in charts allows users to configure stereotypes from the Modeling Language profile and auto-picks columns to be displayed in reports.

    • 🌟 Analyzer (Learn More)

      • It helps one understand how each artifact is impacting other artifacts in the organization using Analyzer View. In addition, it makes it easy to understand and analyze the impact of change in a model to make informed decisions.

    • 🌟 Placeholder (Learn More)

      • One can now Generate dynamic reports by entering value during execution of reports.

    • 🌟 Designer Method support for Report Widget (Learn More)

      • This feature Creates complex EA Reports by picking and selecting values instead of writing a query.

    • 🌟 Create Artifacts (Learn More)

      • This new feature allows users to Create element & package from Prolaborate.

      • Currently supported Modeling frameworks for element creation UML, SysML, ArchiMate3.1 and BPMN2.0.

      • Stereotype of type ‘Requirement’ is allowed for element creation in a Custom MDG framework.

    • What’s fixed or improved?

    • We at Prolaborate always strive to make our user experience better by the day! To support our motto, we have worked on some bringing in some new features while fixing some existing bugs for better interaction.

    • 📤 The user session retention is handled for auto-scaling environment or application restart.

    • 📤 We now have an improved search feature in the repository browser for EA artifacts.

    • 📤 Support added for tagged value of type Int.

    • 🐞 In the event of an upgrade from Prolaborate V3.x to V4.x, a user with dual user accounts (SAML SSO & Registered User) is allowed to log in with both accounts.

    • 🐞 Login with SAML SSO in Private Share helps navigate to the respective shared item.

    • 🐞 Content from Large Prolaborate models loads in Confluence without any issues in Prolaborate Macro.

    • 🐞 Loading issue in Property window for Tagged value of type RefGUID is resolved.

    • 🐞 Chart load issue for data with more certain rows (approximately 600 rows) is handled with a warning message.

    • 🐞 Review Status is set automatically as per review dates. In case the system date is modified in the server, an admin must execute Prolaborate automation.

    • 🐞 For tagged value with no value for ‘type’ in the XMl file, it is considered as type ‘String’.

    • 🐞 ‘Start Date’ set in Review works for various time zones.

    • 🐞 Remember user session works as expected.

  • 4.1.2


    • 🌟 Designer Method for Road map

      • Every user, irrespective of SQL expertise, who wants to create Roadmap type charts will benefit from the Designer Method that auto-generates queries based on the configuration selected. Users can also copy, review & reuse the auto-generated query from the Designer.

    • 📤 Data Migration Support

      Data Migration feature supports the migration of dashboards and charts, discussions, reviews, theme settings, SAML settings, users and user groups and URL shared from 3.5 or above to Version 4.1.2 Currently, migration does not support review summary widget and discussion summary widget.

    • 📤 Session Expired Configuration

      Users can configure Session expiry time on the Prolaborate.json data file.

    • 📤 MDG Performance Optimization

      The overview page and property tabs are optimized for faster loading specifically for MDG based data.

    • 🐞 Application sends a welcome email to the new users as expected.

    • 🐞 Discussion list renders as expected when creating the discussion on a diagram.

    • 🐞 Deleting an admin user by another admin user is disabled.

    • 🐞 Time zone setting work as expected at the application level as well as user level.

  • 4.1.1


    • 🌟 Confluence Integration

      • Confluence Server and Data Center Integrations are now supported with Prolaborate

      Note: Users who wish to continue using Prolaborate 3.x do continue with the existing version of Confluence macro.

    • 🌟 Designer Method Support for Multilevel charts

      • Users can configure the multi-level charts using the designer method instead of queries with the support of enhanced Prolaborate UI. The functionality enables non-technical users to design advanced charts without a writing single word of query. Users can visualize & reuse the query generated by the designer.

    • 🌟 Group default definition

      • For a user who is part of multiple groups in a repository can select a group and perform actions accordingly. The functionality is disabled for users who is part of single group.

    • 🌟 Health Check Page

      • Prolaborate Health check feature allows user to download error log of PCS, SAML, Prolaborate & more and to see the versions of database, mailer, Prolaborate, & service management

    • 🐞 Bugs that were reported in 4.0.0 are fixed in Version 4.1.1

  • 4.0.0


    • 🌟 Discuss Dashboard and Widgets

      • Creating discussions for entire dashboards and individual widgets is possible now.

    • 🌟 Widget Landing Page

      • The widget landing page is distinctly added as a feature to view the widgets on an individual page.

    • 🌟 Inline Edit

      • In version, 4.0 users can edit the Dashboard and Widgets easily by using Edit Icon on the Page.

    • 🌟 Enhanced Over View Page

      • In Version, 4.0 the Overview page was enhanced to show all the related details of the respective package and element by default to the users.On this page, the user could see the element Basic Attributes, Usage, Share, Discussion, Traceability, Review, Children details, of the respective items just by selecting the element or package.

    • 🌟 Form Designer in Properties Tab

      • Form Designer option added in a properties tab to easily navigate, see and change the attributes details of the respective element.

    • Charts & Reports

    • 🌟 All New Landscape Chart

        Landscape Charts in Updated version Revamped with Enhanced capabilities like,

      • Adjusting Stroke width,
      • Fit type,
      • Legend Position orientation,
      • Node Font Size and Font style changes,
      • Level hover and Node hover capabilities and also able to do level-based Node text changes like size, style, and column wrapping sizes.
    • 🌟 Chart Preview in Edit Mode

      • The preview feature is implemented in the chart. While creating or editing the chart, the user can now preview the chart to resize the widgets considering the output of the chart.

    • 🌟 Modify Look and Feel of Charts on the fly

      • The “Test Changes” menu feature is provided under widget settings. By using this feature users can view and change the chart configurations temporarily i.e legend title, position, color patterns, etc.

    • 🌟 Horizontal bar chart

      • In Version 4.0 another new chart was introduced to showcase the EA data into the Horizontal bars.

    • 🌟 Downloading Charts.

      • Now users can download the charts in .PNG,.JPEG,.PDF, SVG Vector image formats.

    • 🌟 Change Chart Type in a few clicks

      • Users can change the chart type by using “View As”. This feature will temporarily help you to simulate the existing chart into a similar type chart.

    • 🌟 Filter Profiles

      • Added ability to use already created custom profiles/filters, so there is no need to rewrite the same query again. Users can use this profile to get the results in chart configuration.

    • 🌟 Individual Chart Widgets Refresh

      • Users can now “Refresh” the chart widget in case of any changes are done in the model or an item

    • 🌟 Inline Tagging of Users and Objects

      • Inline users tagging feature is implemented in this release. Users can now able to tag the other users into the discussion by simply typing “@” in the description and “#” to tag elements.

    • 🌟 Opening A Diagram in A New Tab

      • Users can now view a particular diagram in a new tab. It can be viewed by simply right-clicking on the diagram and by choosing the “Open in new tab” option.

    • 🌟 The Diagram Tab

      • “Diagrams” are now added as an exclusive menu in the menu tab. Users can “Search” or “See the List of Diagrams” from the drop-down menu even without landing on the “My Diagrams” page. This feature will enable the user to experience the ease of accessing, searching, or viewing the list of diagrams just by a simple click.

    • 🌟 Invite Groups

      • In reviews, you can now Invite “Groups” to review or approve the added items.

    • 🌟 Stats Tab for Moderator

      • In the previous version, the moderator had a separate dashboard to check the status of the review and review items. But in this version “Stats tab” has been implemented where all the details are available from the moderator's perspective.

    • 🌟 Diagrams Page

      • The “Diagrams” tab has been implemented in this version. If some reviews items contain reviews, it will get reflected while viewing the diagram in full-screen view

    • 🌟 New Elements Page

      • In this version items and lists for review can be viewed in a “Tree” structure or “List” view instead of getting results in the table view.

    • 🌟 Find In Project Browser Feature in Access Permission Preview Section

      • Implemented the “Find in browser” feature. This will help the user to check the respective element location in the project browser.

    • 🌟 Assigning User Groups for Profile

      • Now admin or user can assign user groups into the profile to configure the stereotype and restrict the visibility of the attribute to the other users.

    • 🌟 Multiple Inherited Stereotypes Has Been Supported

      • Multiple inherited stereotypes have been supported in this release so that users can handle the attributes for multiple stereotypes in the form designer page.

    • 🌟 Added Support to Delete a Profile

      • In this release, users can delete the profiles from the manage profile list. In the previous version, there is no feature available to delete the created profile from the manage profile list.

    • 🌟 Import/Export Tagged Values Across Repositories

      • Users can able to export or import the created custom properties from the modeling languages to any other repositories using the “Import” menu from the page.

    • 🌟 Repository Search

      • In version 4.0 users can able to search the element, diagrams, packages by their name or alias with object type, type, stereotype-based filters from the repository using the “Search Repository” feature.

    • 🌟 Repository Management

        Instead of recreating repositories every time, users can now copy the repositories from the repository list. Once the repositories are reproduced users can edit the details of repositories such as name, alias name, etc.
        And also, you will be able to set default repositories from the repositories list and you will be redirected into the default repositories while logging in to the application.

    • 🌟 OIDC Based Authorization

      • OIDC based Authorization is implemented for API access.

    • 📤 Manage User Profile

      Profile page updated to show more relevant information.

    • 📤 Stereotype Configuration Listing Changes

      In Adding/Editing a profile, stereotypes listing shows all the lists including connectors, elements. But in this Build UI changes are done to show the stereotyped connectors in a list with a Category column so that users can easily identify the connectors, elements easily from the list without any confusion.

    • 📤 Custom Icons for Each Stereotype

      Feature added to change the “Stereotype icon” for each stereotype in the “Form Designer” Page.

    • 📤 Creating Discussion for Reviews

      You can now create a discussion on reviews.

    • 📤 Enhanced Diagram View

      “My Diagrams” listing has been updated with new features such as view attributes, view diagram info, comments, and view diagram page. Search and additional filter features were also implemented in this release.

    • 📤 Author Tag

      If a user creates a discussion and made a reply, it shows the Author Tag for those discussions and replies which was created by a user.

    • 📤 Breadcrumb

      Breadcrumb has been introduced in all the pages for easy navigation.

    • ⛔️ Repository Management - EA Security-based authentication

      Require EA Authentication toggle button removed from repository configuration page. Based on the discussion less users using this feature but create lot of confusion for normal users who doesn’t use the EA it is removed in this release.

    • ⛔️ Modeling Languages - Stereotypes in Application Modes

      In this release Stereotype based filter options in application modes was removed from the modeling language in future users controlling the visibility of Stereotypes in the Repository browser not available.

    • ⛔️ Reviews - Dashboard management

      Dashboard management option removed for reviews from manage review this version user can able to swap the toggle button from review page can able to check the moderator, reviewer, approver dashboards easily.

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