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General FAQs

How to evaluate Confluence Integration?

  1. On-Premises Proof of Concept. Learn more here.
  2. Cloud Proof of Concept. Learn more here.

Issues with Prolaborate Macro in Confluence

Can you please share the following to check this issue?

  1. Screenshot of the issue
  2. Prolaborate version
  3. Macro Version
  4. Confluence version
  5. Confluence Cloud or Server
  6. Short video of the behavior
  7. Follow the instructions to share the Prolaborate log files again.
    • Go to the Error logs folder and delete all the log files. The folder is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Prolaborate\WebApplication\VirtualAssets\ErrorLogs
    • Go to the page where you see the issue
    • Browser console messages, if any
    • Go back to logs folders and share the log files that have been created

Browser support

Macro 1.8 is not supported in Internet Explorer. Check out the supported browsers here

Is the macro compatible with Confluence Server or Cloud or Both?



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