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Cloud Proof of Concept

To demonstrate the value of Prolaborate to the decision makers in your organization, it is better to start a Proof of Concept (PoC). This is the reason we have an option to start a no-obligation PoC where you can try out every single capability of Prolaborate.

While there is a small cost associated with the cloud PoCs, you can get started with your evaluation in just a week.

Follow these steps to start the PoC process:

  1. Fill and submit this form. Ensure to mention you want a cloud PoC
  2. We will share an official quote
  3. Once the purchase order is placed, cloud PoC will be setup in a week. Location of the AWS Cloud will be chosen based on your location
  4. There will be two EA models configured in Prolaborate:
    1. Demo model – This is our demo model. We will load all the dashboards as well; this will help you understand how we have built it
    2. Empty model – You can load your own test EA models and start using Prolaborate
  5. You can evaluate Prolaborate for a period of 2 months

Note: If the PoC is positive, all you have to do is just few clicks to replace the license.

Purchase Prolaborate

If you are happy with the Proof of Concept, you can go ahead with the purchase. To help you, here are some common options that most of the organizations go for.

Edition Intended Audience Description
Growing Teams Suitable for Organizations just getting started with EA 25 licensed users pack with limited features
Large Teams Best for Organizations who have a fairly established EA practice Most popular full-feature 100 users pack
Enterprise Huge organizations with a large number of EA stakeholders Unlimited users, all features, and extended support


  1. Learn more about various Cloud SaaS options from this link
  2. Check the pricing plans in this link
  3. Place purchase request using this link

Get in touch with us

Feel free to submit your questions using this form or email your queries to prolaborate[at]sparxsystems[dot]com


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