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On-Premises Proof of Concept

To demonstrate the value of Prolaborate to the decision makers in your organization, it is better to start a Proof of Concept (PoC). This is the reason we have an option to start a no-obligation free-of-cost PoC where you can try and showcase every single capability of Prolaborate.

You can even bring in all the business users, EA stakeholders, and non-EA users not just to evaluate but to start using Prolaborate.

Licenses can be arranged as per your requirements and you will be getting a production-grade version of the application without any limitations.

Learn more here if you want us to setup the Proof of Concept on Cloud.

Note: If the PoC is positive, you just have to do a few clicks to replace the license.

Before we look at the steps to get started with Proof of Concept, here is the technical architecture of Prolaborate.

Currently, Architects would be using Enterprise Architect to connect to the EA repositories directly through Server or Cloud connection.

Prolaborate can connect to your existing EA models directly using the OSCL restful APIs provided by Pro Cloud Server, which is again a product by Sparx Systems. There are no changes expected in your current EA infrastructure.

Here are the steps to setup the PoC:

  1. Setup a server as per Prerequisites
  2. Download Prolaborate

  3. Install Prolaborate
  4. Create Data cache
  5. Log in to Prolaborate and share the Machine Id visible with We will give you an activation key and you can Activate Prolaborate
  6. Request for a trial of Pro Cloud Server (PCS) using this link. You will receive a PCS document from our sales team at (mostly by one business day).
  7. Download PCS from this link
  8. Install Pro Cloud Server , add license, and configure Enterprise Architect projects
  9. Add EA project to Prolaborate
  10. Start exploring Prolaborate

Here is the link to the step by step video guide if you want more clarity on the process. Check FAQs if you are facing any issues.

Note: You can skip steps #6 - #8 if you have a working Pro Cloud Server already.

Purchase Prolaborate

If you are happy with the Proof of Concept, you can go ahead with the purchase. To help you, here are some common options that most of the organizations go for.

Edition Intended Audience Description
Growing Teams Suitable for Organizations just getting started with EA 25 licensed users pack with limited features
Large Teams Best for Organizations who have a fairly established EA practice Most popular full-feature 100 users pack
Enterprise Huge organizations with a large number of EA stakeholders Unlimited users, all features, and extended support


  1. Check the pricing plans in this link
  2. Place purchase request using this link

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