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Sign Up for Prolaborate

October 11, 2022

The sign-up feature allows anyone from your organization to quickly sign up and gain access to Prolaborate. Enabling this feature will save Prolaborate admins from a lot of manual work of adding users one by one.

This article explains how to enable guest signup options for admins and how to sign up for users.


Admin access is required to setup Sign Up Settings.

‘Access Control Profiles’ must be created. Click here to know more.

Sign Up is not recommended if Prolaborate is hosted on an internet-accessible Cloud for security reasons.

Sign Up will work only if Mailer settings are configured. Click here to know more.

  • If you are using SSO, it is recommended to integrate Prolaborate with it and not use Sign Up. Click here to know more.

Configure Sign Up

To configure, click on Menu > Sign Up Settings under Portal Settings.

Enable the sign-up settings and choose the required Access Control Profile from the list shown. Click on Save once the profile is chosen.

Now the users can see the Sign-Up option in the sign-in form.