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Customize Web Portal Links

Through embeddable iFrame links, Prolaborate provides access to your Enterprise Architect models from any web portals like SharePoint, Joomla, Confluence, etc.

In this guide, we will learn how to customize the embeddable links of Enterprise Architect models so they can be used in any web portals.

Configure Embed Link Settings

To access the settings page, navigate text-info Menu > Embeddable Link Defaults and enable the option.

Please configure as below:

Section Field Description
Frame Size Width Specify the width of the frame in pixels
Height Specify the height of the frame in pixels
Frame Alignment and Scroll Alignment Specify the alignment
Scrollbars Choose whether to show scroll bars
Frame Spacing Margin Specify the margin in pixels
Padding Specify the padding in pixels
Frame Border Border Choose whether to show borders or not
Color Choose color of the border, if border is enabled

Click on the Save button to save the iFrame.


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