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Upgrade Instructions

Please follow these steps to upgrade Prolaborate:


  1. This instruction helps you upgrade your Prolaborate application version from “3.2” or above (up to 3.6) to “V3.7.”
  2. Upgrade to Pro Cloud Server v4.2.66 or a recent version if not upgraded already.
  1. It is recommended to take a backup of Prolaborate installation folder and database
  2. Visit the Release Notes and download the Prolaborate Installer.
  3. Stop all Prolaborate services and processes (All services and processes starting with Prolaborate and websocketd process) from Task Manager
  4. From the downloaded Prolaborate folder, run Setup.exe as administrator and complete the installation. Note there would be a brief wait time after you click on Next.
  5. Check Prolaborate Versions in the Health Checks page. If there is a mismatch between current and latest versions, run the latest database schema on the Prolaborate database from the Release Notes page based on the database server used for Prolaborate.
  6. In case you are upgrading to Prolaborate V3.6 or above, then the Administrator needs to configure the Security Policy in the Internet Information Services(IIS) for Prolaborate website to enable the Share URL feature Click here to Learn more

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