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February 26,2020


IIS Webiste to be Configured for Content sharing settings

Steps to allow Prolaborate Content Sharing only to required Websites

Content Security Policy (CSP) is a security mechanism required for Prolaborate from version 3.6 or above hosted in Internet Information Services(IIS). So it is mandatory to whitelist the URLs for allowing the Prolaborate Content loading of the resource, that is for the external links to work on other websites/application say on a Confluence web page then this has to be configured appropriately.

Upgrading Content Security Policy

To allow other domains users have to add the domain as a trusted domain in the “Content Security policy” through IIS. Please follow the below steps to add the confluence domain name in IIS.

Open IIS and click Prolaborate then double click the HTTP Response Headers under the IIS section.

Click Content-Security-Policy from the list then change the value field with your domain name instead of https://*;

For example:

If user try To access Share URl from Confluence Prolaborate macro please Change the below mentioned URL in Value Field frame-ancestors 'self' https://*;

If user try To access Share URl using HTML macro, please Change the below mentioned URL in Value Field frame-src 'self' .Prolaborate hostname confluencehostname;

Refer the below mentioned screenshot after changing the value field

Note: You can add your complete URL rather * wildcard accordingly. After the update please restart the Prolaborate service to take effect on the changes made.

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