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Enterprise Architect Diagrams in Prolaborate

February 26, 2017

Prolaborate provides a single view of all the diagrams from your Enterprise Architect model.

We will be looking at the various capabilities of this My Diagrams view through the below workflows:

  1. View all diagrams from your EA Model
  2. Mark an EA Diagram as Favorite

View all diagrams from your EA Model

When you open a repository, you will land on the My Dashboard page. Click on My Diagrams.

This page shows all the diagrams that you have access to.

What can you from My Diagrams page?

  1. The diagrams are shown to you in Thumbnail view by default. You can change it to list view as well.
  2. To quickly see the details of an EA diagram, you can hover over it and click on Quick Info
  3. To see the diagram, you can either click on the diagram or the View Diagram link in the Quick Info popup
  4. Filter out diagrams based on Author or EA Diagram Type. For example, you can choose to see only Business process diagrams
Note: The diagrams you have marked as Favourite or Sticky will appear at first in the list in My Diagrams.
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