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Pro Cloud Server, Prolaborate, WebEA: All you need to know

Pro Cloud Server, Prolaborate, WebEA: All you need to know

Sparx Systems Architecture Platform is a comprehensive suite of specialized tools designed to cater to specific roles in an architecture practice. This article will delve into the collaboration aspect of Architecture development and how each tool in this platform will cater to specific collaboration use cases.

The Pro Cloud Server provides seamless remote access to Enterprise Architect models. It opens up your entire enterprise to your modeling efforts, enabling all levels of stakeholders to have secure remote access for different levels of collaboration and make the best use of enterprise models.

Key Features of Pro Cloud Server

  • Secure HTTPS access to the models from remote locations, enabling seamless connectivity through secure networks and firewall setup.
  • The Pro Cloud Server enables a new modular integration capability that is tightly connected with Enterprise Architect, this enables integration with external tools such as Jira, Jama, Azure DevOps, ServiceNow, etc.
  • Floating License Service, easily facilitate your global licensing from a single location using the Floating License Service built into the Pro Cloud Server .

Collaboration in Sparx Systems Architecture Platform

Sparx Systems platform, enables specialized collaboration options for different roles involved in architecture development.

The table below summarizes the Components of the Sparx Architecture Platform, its intended audience, and usage

Component Intended Audience Usage
Enterprise Architect Architects – Modellers, EA users Collaborative Modeling environment to let users create models in a shared central repository.
WebEA (PCS) Architects – Modellers, EA Users A lightweight web extension of the Enterprise Architect collaboration toolset is provided for modelers and team members working on the model.
Prolaborate Non-EA Users, Business, Project Teams Web based collaboration tool for non-EA users using simplified, curated view of models through dashboards, charts, reports and reviews to foster feedback.

Enterprise Architect – Chats, discussions, Model Mails

Enterprise Architect offers a range of inbuilt collaboration tools to chat, discuss, review, journal, and other features that allow modelers to track their modeling progress. These tools are accessible within the standard EA application, and with connectivity, to PCS the ability to engage modelers from widely dispersed locations over cloud connections is greatly enhanced. The primary audience for EA is the modelers themselves, the people building the model, and the people who understand UML and its intricacies. This level of collaboration is very tightly coupled with the model and focuses primarily on the construction of the model.


PCS/Web EA is a lightweight extension of the Enterprise Architect collaboration toolset, specifically designed for modelers and team members working within the model. WebEA Users are typically already familiar with EA UML or a similar modeling language, and may not have access to a suitable PC or EA desktop – for example, when working on-site.

PCS/Web EA is not intended as a standalone product, but rather as an additional platform for EA users to review, discuss, and contribute to the model. It is primarily intended for the core team working on the model.


Prolaborate is a collaborative platform designed for the business, executives, staff, and others in the enterprise/organization who may not have experience building models. Instead, they are the consumers of the model, applying the modeled structures and processes to their daily work. This includes everyone from C-level executives to those running critical business processes.

In summary, Enterprise Architect Application and WebEA are focused on modelers intending to build the model, Prolaborate is designed for users applying the model and understanding how it impacts real-world business. The collaborative process involves integrating the model into the business and implementing its architecture and behavior in practical applications.

For any further queries or would like to request a demo of the toolset and how it can be used to solve your architectural use cases, please contact prolaborate[at]sparxsystems[dot]com


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