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Integrating with Sparx Systems EA using PCS

Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server is a powerful RESTful API that fosters integration with Enterprise Architect from Web tools. Sparx Systems commitment towards seamless data interchange between web tools has facilitated the rich Web API to allow tools to leverage the comprehensive models in Enterprise Architect.

Prolaborate, powered by Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server RESTful API, is a web collaboration platform for Enterprise Architect that makes model sharing simple, efficient and collaborative.

Prolaborate lets end-users work on live EA diagrams and model information over an agile collaboration portal. This is made possible by Pro Cloud Server OSLC and RESTful API support.

Take a quick look at how this Web Integration through Pro Cloud Server enables Prolaborate to allow models to be seamlessly shared to wider users, please see the links below

  • See how a diagram is viewed as a Guest Click here
  • See how a team member gets to see a selected part of the model Click here
  • Check out the landing page – a completely tailored Dashboard Click here
  • You can also display a thumbnail view of diagrams for a user to start with Click here

For more information on Prolaborate or Pro Cloud Server RESTful API please write to prolaborate[at]sparxsystems[dot]com


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