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Setting up Prolaborate

WRITTEN BY proagile

Excerpt / Summary

In this note we will show you some of the most useful settings to get started with Prolaborate quickly.


Prolaborate, is a web collaboration platform for Enterprise Architect that makes the exchange of models simple, efficient and collaborative, using Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server technology OSLC and RESTful API.

Prolaborate enables end users to work on EA diagrams and access information from live models through an agile collaboration portal.

In this video we will introduce you quickly to the application interface and how to access some of its main functionalities:

As seen in the video above, Prolaborate allows us to design custom dashboards, enabling that once a user logs in, they land directly on the live dynamic dashboards designed specifically for them.

All the model information that they need to consume is presented to them on a single page, which they can consume and review, and based on this make their decisions or participate in discussions and collaborate with the project team.

Have a look in the following video, how to configure Prolaborate dashboards according to the roles involved in your project:

In addition, Prolaborate helps us to obtain feedback from the right audience, at the same time that it favors communication and agile project management by involving different audiences in the necessary discussions and revisions of the model.

By using discussions, we can really engage our stakeholders to streamline the development of our models, since when starting a discussion about a diagram or an element, we can reference and link packages, diagrams and elements. We can also tag users of the model to whom we want to draw attention to the discussion.

Reviews allow us to formalize discussions and organize them in workflows where we can indicate who will be fulfilling each role, in example the reviewer or approver role. Also allow us to establish on what dates it is expected that a diagram or element can be discussed, and on what dates will we await approval.

In the following video, we show you how to set up discussions and reviews in Prolaborate to get the most out of stakeholder’s feedback


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