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7 ways to Maximize Reach of Enterprise Architect Models

Access from Anywhere and Anytime

Collaborate Seamlessly

Create Dynamic Charts and Reports
Prolaborate provides a user experience-drive portal with advanced reporting dashboards and superior impact-analysis graphs based on EA data.

Simplify Complex Information
Greatly reduce the degree of complexity displayed by controlling the visibility of packages and artifacts to various user groups.

Conduct Agile Reviews
Speed up reviews by getting specialists to perform the detailed reviews and managers to approve based on their recommendations.

Unify Views Across Enterprise Tools
In Prolaborate, it’s easy to create a bidirectional link between EA and Jira. You can view EA models and related Jira items in a single place.

Integrate with Confluence/ SharePoint
Create dynamic, self-refreshing, EA Model based pages in Confluence. Include Live EA diagrams in SharePoint.



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