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5 Reasons why EA users need Web based Sharing and Collaboration Software

Enterprise Architect offers a wide spectrum of modeling solutions that lets users capture all facets of an IT landscape. The models are rich, comprehensive and greatly help in articulating key answers to business queries. This article shows 5 key reasons why web based sharing and collaboration maximizes value of these models.

Acceptance from Business Community

Models in Enterprise Architect convey pivotal information for business users. Sharing a selected view of the model with focused information lets business users to conveniently view the live information. This maximizes acceptance of models as the key source for due diligence. See how a business user can view models by clicking a link View Live Diagram

Minimize Learning Curve

Viewing simplified views of models over web browsers and iPads greatly reduces the learning curve in getting accustomed to a new modeling tool. The business users gets to see what is relevant for them. Simple, modern web interfaces allows quick understanding and fosters engagement significantly. A targeted set of diagrams can be shown in a Thumbnail View or a customized User Dashboards to let the business users quickly navigate their way around.

Simple and Focused

Models are comprehensive, which also makes it overloaded with information. Simplifying an end users view is highly imperative to convey the right details. Prolaborate, the web sharing software for EA, allows creating simplified portals for users. This can be used to define highly curated views on any part of the model. See how a process diagram and its details are simplified EA Process Diagram

Instant Feedback and Updates

EA diagrams are created to answer key user queries or demands. Such finished diagrams are usually printed in Word documents and the review comments are gathered in Excel. A live sharing platform like Prolaborate lets modelers and end-users to view live EA diagrams, share Feedback on live diagrams, and also get the changes updated instantly. This greatly reduces the turnaround time and improves agility.

Keep them Notified

Another significant challenge in keeping the users notified of new discussions, model changes, review comments, approvals, rejections etc is also addressed by the web sharing solutions. Social media like discussion portals, instant notifications, email notifications, daily summary and much more lets users to be always informed of key events from the team.

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