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Mosaic Island

We are experts in Design and Assurance of complex IT change, enabling our clients to accelerate and exceed their business ambitions with confidence. Whether it be the definition of strategic direction, business/technical problem solving, solution design, assuring your transformation delivery or simply helping to unravel the mysteries of the new technology choices that are out there, our aim is to help solve our client’s business problems with the right use of Information Technology in a way that best suits them.

Model Based Design is a set of solutions and services that we offer, specifically aimed at large organisations with complex IT landscapes that are subject to significant and regular change. Model Based Design helps organisations to maximise the benefit they get from the use of single-source-of truth, repository-based, EA modelling tools. The Sparx EA toolset is exceptionally well suited for Model Based Design. If you want to use Sparx EA to underpin a Model Based Design approach then we can help you with our Sparx EA and Prolaborate SaaS offering – Sparx as a Service.

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Speciality We are experts in IT Architecture & Design, and Assurance of complex IT change
Locations based in Bristol and London, our clients are primarily in the UK, with some Europe
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