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EA work interrupted?

Not enough time to organize VPN and remote access?

Unprecedented disruption due to pandemic?

Teams stranded due to abrupt isolation?

Key Benefits

EA Repositories on Cloud

Databases managed on Cloud by experts

EA License Management

Avail floating EA licenses from the Cloud

Secure Access

All connections are secured using HTTPS protocol

Anywhere and Anytime

Connect to your EA models from any location

Robust Cloud Deployment

Cloud hosted using AWS, the world leader in Cloud Computing Services

Location Advantage

AWS cloud Region chosen based on your location

Still unsure? We have your concerns addressed too..

1) My Organizations’ procurement process isn’t quick
We understand your world, you can start immediately and pay later! Continue working as you work on the procurement process
2) What if the approvals don’t go ahead?
Not to worry, we understand! You can just backup your data and cancel your subscription.
3) GDPR compliance?
We ensure your data is hosted on the AWS servers in your region and the infrastructure is compliant with GDPR policies.
4) My Organization has stringent security policies.
We use secure AWS instances and have been assisting firms globally for several years. We have all the necessary security policies in place!
5) I’m unsure of the migration strategy.
Not to worry, our service partners across the world are ready to assist too. Just let us know!
6) I have advanced integration requirements.
The infrastructure is scalable and the services team is highly competent to assist you with any advanced integration or customization needs.
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