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Technology Portfolio Management (TPM) – Dashboard Features

Get started with a Technology Portfolio Management solution with a comprehensive accelerator package that enables users to embark on their journey. Seamlessly dive into managing your Technology Stack landscape using The Essential Architecture (TEA) Toolkit built based on industry best practices and insights requested by CXOs worldwide.

Technology Portfolio Management (TPM)

Managing an organization’s tech assets to make sure they support business goals, bring in the most money, and make the best use of resources. Throughout their lifecycle, technology investments and resources are evaluated, categorized, and managed in a planned way. The main objective is to make sure that advances in technology, help the company reach its objectives.

Why is Technology Portfolio Management Important?

  • Organizations can identify redundant or underutilized technologies, leading to cost savings.
  • Identification and mitigation of risks associated with technology assets, such as obsolescence, compliance issues, and security vulnerabilities.
  • Faster decision-making regarding technology adoption and retirement, enabling organizations to remain agile and responsive to market changes.

Sparx Architecture Platform features to drive your TPM use cases

Catalog your IT Component Inventory

Get started by importing existing Business Capabilities, Applications, IT Components, and Technology Stack from Excel or connect to your external systems using the RESTful API. (Read how to relate Excel data with model information. Refer to this article)
  • View a transparent list of IT Components and all their key attributes and interdependencies.
  • Filter, slice, and dice to find the IT Components / Technology Stack of your interest and analyze them in detail.
  • View and update IT Component information with role-specific views.
  • Map IT Components with their dependencies, such as applications, technology stacks, and other key architectural constructs.

Enable insightful obsolescence risk analysis of IT Components

  • Comprehensive Analysis tools that assist in answering key Business queries.
  • Ascertain the Provider Cost of IT Components through various lenses to track the effectiveness of your Technology investments.
  • Drive assessments based on various IT component attributes to determine the lifecycle, category, deployment type, and risk status of the IT Components in the rationalization exercise.
  • Show how your IT Component impacts the business by linking them to the Capabilities and Applications that achieve the Obsolescence Risk Analysis.

Advanced Roadmapping

Build, showcase, and communicate transformation roadmaps that present enterprise-wide IT Component lifecycle and transformation progress. This summary view will allow stakeholders to make decisions for a broad range of factors, such as changes in the market, enterprise strategy, objectives, and architecture

Advanced IT Component Roadmap is a key aspect of Technology Portfolio Management. The Roadmap offers the following benefits.

  • Provide stakeholders with transparency to monitor and track the status of transformations and lifecycle.
  • Multiple factors could drive change in the Lifecycle of IT Components and Technology Stacks. The Roadmap illustrates how IT Components shall change across multiple time horizons.
  • The Roadmaps can be sliced and diced based on various attributes of the IT Components to provide a wider context for decision-making.
  • Scope Technology Management efforts are based on various IT Components and Technology Stack attributes, such as Category, Deployment Type, Risk Status, lifecycle, and much more.

Design tailored rationalization viewpoints

Use configurable dashboards to design the most appropriate rationalization viewpoints for specific stakeholder expectations.

  • Use the Technology Stack Hierarchy map to identify the Technology Stack landscape in various lenses.
  • Visualize the rationalization viewpoints of IT components considering provider cost and various metrics
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