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A holistic view of business applications in an enterprise landscape for better application rationalization.

A centralized and managed inventory of applications with clarity on responsible stakeholders, associated Cost of Operations, technological obsolescence, lifecycle, data classification, security risk and other key attributes will deliver real-time key insights such as cost control, risk mitigation and strategic alignment to the stakeholders to drive key business decisions.

Application Portfolio Management

APM solution helps us answer key business queries that are important for an enterprise to decide its next big move.

Common Business Queries Related to APM

What applications exist

Who owns these applications?

Who else uses these application?

Which Applications to Tolerate, Invest, Migrate, Eliminate (TIME)

Which applications are at high risk of cyberattack?

What is the Data Classification of an Application?

What percentage of Applications are to be eliminated in the next timeframe?

Which Applications to Tolerate, Invest, Migrate, Eliminate (TIME)

What is the cost of applications in a particular domain or sub-domain?

Tool Usecase for APM

Application Master

The ability to maintain a master catalogue of business applications within Sparx Platform. The catalogue will serve as the source of application data.

Application must be grouped by Domains and serve Business Capabilities

The ability to maintain a relationship between an application, and an application domain hierarchy, in order to present the capabilities fulfilled by the Application

Application must have associated Application Services (Micro Services)

Application can provide or consume Application Services to accomplish Functions.

Application has Owner and Application has User Department

1. The ability to maintain application ownership and usage information                                        2. Department data will be maintained as part of an organizational hierarchy.

Application has Deployment Lifecycle End Date & Outlook

The ability to maintain a Lifecycle, outlook for each business application.


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