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Customize Email Templates

June 6, 2023

Prolaborate sends several emails on various scenarios to keep users notified about the changes happening in the Prolaborate application, and these email templates can be modified as per the organization’s needs and requirements by Admin.

This feature is available from Prolaborate V4.5.0 onwards. Admin access is required to customize the email templates.

View Templates

Predefined templates are readily available for the actions you wish to notify the users. To edit these templates, click Menu > Email Templates under Portal Settings

The following fields are displayed in the page,

Field Description
Template List all the templates used in Prolaborate. To name a few templates “Invite Collaborators”, “New User SignUp”, “Update Discussion” etc and these email templates will be used to notify users when the corresponding actions occurs
Subject Displays the subject of the email notification
Body Displays the content of the email notification and the HTML format which is supported in the body of the email
Signature Displays the signature of the email notification

Edit Templates

Admin can edit the subject, body, and signature of a template by selecting it from the dropdown.

Click Save to save template after making changes.

Customize Formats

Formatting styles are allowed in the body and signature. You can format the email content such as changing the font type, size, color, style etc.

The below image shows the tools which can be used to change the format of the email template.


Admin can also insert new or view the body of the existing template in a HTML format and edit it if required. Click Source to edit template in HTML format.


Tags are used to reflect the dynamic content of the email templates and these tags will be different for each email template. Admin can place these tags anywhere in the template where it suits best for content when customizing the email template.

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