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Migrate Prolaborate Content from Confluence Cloud to Server


This guide shows the steps involved in migrating Prolaborate model content from Atlassian Confluence Cloud to the following sources

  1. Confluence Server
  2. Confluence Data Centre

The steps mentioned below is applicable for

  1. Prolaborate V3 with Prolaborate Macro in Confluence
  2. Prolaborate latest version with Prolaborate 4 Macro in Confluence

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Steps to follow

Migration of Prolaborate content in Atlassian Confluence is a five-step process.

The steps involved in the migration process are explained below in detail.

Export the Space in Confluence Cloud

The first step is to export the required space for migration from Confluence Cloud to Confluence Server/Data Center.

In Confluence Cloud, open the Space and click on Space Settings option.

Click Export space under Manage space.

Select XML as Export Formats and click Next.

In Export XML Options, select Full Options and click Export.

Once the export is completed, click Download here to download the xml file.

The zip file downloaded contains the exported space xml file.

Import the Space in Confluence Server

The next step is to import the downloaded space xml file in Atlassian Confluence Server or Data Center.

Open the Confluence Server site. Click the Settings icon from the top right corner and select Manage apps.

Scroll down and choose Backup & Restore option under Administration section.

In Backup & Restore page, click Choose file to upload the zip file. Once the required file is chosen, click on Upload and import.

The space is imported to the Confluence Server and the successful message is displayed.

Establish Connection in Confluence Server

In the Confluence Server site, the space is shown in the Space Directory once the import is completed.

Opening the pages in the space will show the below error.

Now establish the connection in the Confluence Server with Prolaborate. Click on Settings in the top right corner and select Manage apps.

Under User-installed apps, Prolaborate 4 is listed. Click Configure to open the configurations with Prolaborate.

Click Edit to the edit the configuration, if required.

Once the details are reconfigured, click on Connect to establish the connection.

If the connection is successful, the list of repositories which the user has access to Prolaborate is displayed. Click Save to save the configurations. Saved Successful appears once it is successful.

Run Confluence Migrator

Once the connections are established in Confluence Server or Data Center, run the ConfluenceMacro.DataMigration.exe as Administrator. Click here to download the Confluence Migrator.

Enter the following details,

Field Description
Choose Migration Type Choose Cloud → Server (V4) from the dropdown
Confluence URL URL of the Confluence Server or Data Center site
UserName Email address of the user
Password/ API Token Password of the user
Space Key Enter the Space Key of the space to be migrated

After entering the details, click on Validate ConnectionConnection Success popup appears if the entered details are correct.

After validating the connection, click Migrate to initiate the migration process.

A popup alert appear after the data is migrated successfully.

Validate the Migrated Data in Confluence Server

Open the spaces which is migrated in Confluence Server or Data Center. All the pages in the migrated space renders properly.

Get Space Key to Migrate the Spaces

To get the space key for the migrated spaces from the Cloud Site.

In the Confluence Server, click Space directory under Spaces.

Click on the details icon to see the Space details.

The Space Key is listed under Space details section as shown in the image below and copy the key as it is required to complete the migration process.


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