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Upgrade Instruction from V4 to Latest

    AUG 05, 2022


In this guide, we will take a look at the steps involved to upgrade Prolaborate version from V4.x to V4 latest version.


Please ensure a backup of Prolaborate database and installation folder is taken. This will be needed if the upgrade fails, due to an unforeseen circumstance.


Follow the steps mentioned below, when upgrading the Prolaborate.

Run Installer

Run Setup.exe as administrator.

Click on Next.

Prolaborate Installer will validate the existing version details and reduce the user’s effort to re-enter the database information.

Click Install.

Once the installation is completed successfully, the following tab will appear.

Click Finish.

Run Data Migrator

In the earlier versions of Prolaborate V4, certain features were not implemented and therefore, some data are not properly rendered.

Data migrator helps in migrating data from V4.x to V4 latest version completely.

Follow the below steps to run the Data Migrator.

Step1: Go to the Prolaborate installation folder (For example, C:\Program Files (x86)\Prolaborate\ProlaborateDataMigration).

Step2: Run “DataMigrator.exe” as an administrator.