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  1. Sparx Enterprise Architect JIRA Integration
    • Bring Live information both from Sparx Enterprise Architect and JIRA and see it in a single view in Prolaborate
    • Configure JIRA projects and add links of JIRA items to Enterprise Architect Elements. You can also preview the Jira items added
    • Once you add a JIRA link to an element in Prolaborate, a link is automatically added to the JIRA item as well thus providing an End-to-end link between the items
    • Jira links will be visible even in Sparx Enterprise Architect
  2. Revamped Dashboard
    • Dashboard has been revamped to give the best experience to the users
    • All the widgets are re-sizeable now. You can resize the widgets as per your wish
    • Following new widgets have been added
      1. Jira report – Use filters from Jira and see the results in the Prolaborate dashboard
      2. Image – Add any kind of image and a link to it. For example, status charts from other applications or wireframes of Enterprise Architect diagrams
      3. HTML Code – Advanced users can add HTML code and see any kind of information in the expected design style in the dashboard
  3. Dock-able Properties window
    • You can dock the Properties window of elements. You can also undock and move it around the page if it is above an Enterprise Architect Diagram
    • The tabs in the Properties window has been made configurable to help you see only the relevant ones. This can be configured at the user and user group level.
  4. Improvements in configuration of Modeling Languages or MDGs
    • You can customize the list of Properties which you want your users to see from Prolaborate. Basic properties of Models, Packages, Diagrams, Connectors, Elements, Class Attributes and Operations can be configured from a single place
    • Support added for complete configuration of properties of Attributes and Operations
  5. Sparx Enterprise Architect Security Policies
    • Support added for User/Group Locking mode and Require User Lock to Edit modes. User’s edit capabilities in Prolaborate will be based on these permissions


  1. Active Directory
    1. Edit capabilities altered to remove failure scenarios
    2. Clear error messages added at appropriate places
    3. Support added for handling sessions
  2. User Management
    1. Two users with same email id will not be allowed to be added
    2. A new view has been introduced to see the status of EA Authentication of a user
  3. All the properties of connectors can be viewed from Prolaborate
  4. Default dashboards has been made compatible with older versions of Prolaborate

Bug Fixes

  1. Active Directory
    1. Duplicate email notifications will not be triggered even if a user is part of multiple user groups
    2. AD users should login only with their Active Directory login id
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