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  1. Digitally signed Installer
    • An official proof to the already secure Prolaborate installer
  2. Default Dashboards
    • Dashboard can be configured at an user, user group or organization level.
    • This can be used to show relevant information in the landing page for specific users and user groups.
  3. Modelling languages/MDG Technologies
    • Tagged values/attributes from the base stereotypes can be configured in the inherited stereotypes
    • Newer versions of Modeling languages can be uploaded if there are changes in its XML. For example, if a stereotype was added or modified.
    • All the settings done in Prolaborate will remain untouched when a new XML file is uploaded
  4. Authenticate Enterprise Architect credentials
    • Admin can control whether users need to be prompted for EA credentials when opening a Repository.
    • This option is provided at user and user group level as well so that the admin can configure it as per the requirements
  5. Discussions
    • One or more discussions can be exported to a PDF file. This can be used as a proof to make changes in EA models
    • Discussions can be easily accessed from the Attributes widget. It can be maximised to see a full view as well
    • A particular discussion or filtered discussions can be shared with peers through a link
    • Support added for Smileys
  6. Feeds
    • New filters introduced to easily filter out relevant discussions. To name a few, High Priority discussions, Open discussions and Recent discussions
    • A widget has been added to the Dashboard with the links of all the filters. Users can see the relevant discussions from their landing page through the quick links
  7. Recently visited items
    • Hamburger menu introduced to provide you the recent artifacts that the user has visited and the applicable settings options
  8. Notifications
    • Delete individual notifications or clear all notifications at once


  1. Repositories page will show specific and informative messages, in case of any issues
  2. Email and in-app notifications updated to give relevant information
  3. Invite Collaborators UI revamped to give a smooth experience
  4. List view of Artifacts enhanced to make sure the context is retained when user is working on the artifacts
  5. Adding/removing users to user groups will take only one click instead of four now
  6. Attributes that cannot be edited because of limitations in PCS, have been made uneditable
  7. Count of unread notifications is shown to help users remind about ongoing activities
  8. Users can be tagged in Discussions even while editing it
  9. Active Directory user’s search will show results instantly
  10. PSQL databases have been optimized and so, will perform comparably faster
  11. Special symbols are handled in Sections page
  12. Support added for Linked documents in Packages

Bug Fixes

  1. Discussions
    • Profile pictures will show fine for discussions
    • Clicking on Notifications will take the user to the discussion thread
    • All discussions will show up fine in Force-directed view of Impact Analysis
  2. Stereotypes hidden using Modeling languages will only hide those stereotypes from the Repository browser
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