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  1. Multiple users can be made as Admin. There is no limitation of only one Prolaborate Admin
  2. Public or private links for diagrams and artifacts can be shared now
    • Public links can be accessed by anyone
    • Private links require Prolaborate credentials to access it
  3. Stay signed into Prolaborate - support added for Active Directory users
  4. Support added for Postgres SQL for EA database
  5. Detailed views provided for class attributes, class operations and connectors


  1. Users can view details of Connectors from Traceability tab in Attributes window
  2. Elements and fields which cannot be created or edited, because of limitations in PCS, have been made uneditable
  3. Discussions about an object can be accessed from all the diagrams in which it has been used
  4. Impact Analysis – Force directed view: Drag and drop functionality has been improved
  5. Additional check added to Repositories to check whether Authentication details work fine
  6. Support added for EA Locks
  7. RefGuid or RefGuidList tagged values handled as in EA

Bug Fixes

  1. Hyperlink in a Text block in Dashboard will show up properly
  2. Ability to add a package to root node has been removed
  3. Stereotype visibility settings in Modelling Languages will work as expected now
  4. Tagged value names will show up fine in EA change summary email notifications
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