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  1. Stay signed in to Prolaborate - Login once, stay logged in forever
  2. Tagged Values are now supported
    • Tagged values will show up in Attributes widget of the Artifacts under Other Attributes section
    • Tagged values will be shown by default for Unrecognized Stereotypes only
    • If the user wants to see tagged values for all the Stereotypes, he/she can change the settings accordingly in Modeling Languages
  3. Impact Analysis
    • A new type of view called the Force-directed view has been introduced
    • Impact Analysis views can be shared with others
    • Discussions can be started about the each view
    • Filters and Tools have been improved
  4. Tagged Values are now supported - Tagged values will show up for all elements and connectors
    • You can control this behaviour through a Settings option
  5. EA Model Updates
    • Recent changes in EA models can be viewed in the Dashboard through EA Updates widget
    • Email and in-app notifications are sent for each addition, modification and deletion in EA Models
  6. Support added for MySQL and Oracle Databases
  7. Various new types of Custom Attributes and Packages can be created
  8. EA Linked Documents can be viewed and downloaded
  9. EA Files can also be viewed


  1. Active Directory
    • The list of groups a user is part of and the list of users present under a group can be viewed
    • Multiple options to search an user/ group have been provided
    • Reserved user count changes are handled well
  2. Impact Analysis
    • A user can create Impact Analysis view only if he/she has access to that element
    • Share URL on the root note will be a shortened URL
  3. No need to clear cache from now on
  4. Sections page will be faster due to the performance optimizations
  5. If only one repository is present, the user will be taken to the Dashboard automatically while logging in
  6. While adding a new repository, all packages are added to Sections by default and admin is given access to all packages and elements
  7. BPMN 2.0, Whiteboard and Archimate MDGs will be present by default in new installations
  8. While creating/editing a Dashboard, widget settings will automatically open when they are added
  9. Default session timeout increased to 60 minutes
  10. Support added for tagged values of type Enum
  11. Name of the stereotypes will show fine for all types of requirements

Bug fixes

  1. Impact Analysis
    • Save dialog will be shown only when changes are pending
    • All profiles matching the Type and Stereotype of the current element will be displayed in the Impact Analysis page
    • Text size changes will get applied for root node as well
  2. Active Directory
    • User will be able to change Reservation option even if reservation slot is empty
    • After users are added, list will be reset to show updated information
  3. Sticky diagram will not disappear on click of expand icon
  4. While editing repository, password will not become blank. Also, it will not get auto filled by the browser
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