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  1. Prolaborate – Enterprise Architect integration will be through Sparx’s Pro Cloud Server. Earlier, Prolaborate was using indigenously built engine for the same.
    • This will result in improved performance. Changes in EA will reflect instantly in Prolaborate.
  2. Impact Analysis
    • Visual changes made in Impact Analysis views can be saved as a Profile
    • The profiles can be reused on other Views
    • This will save the user’s efforts in reapplying the changes every time
    • Admin can manage Impact Analysis views and profiles


  1. Traceability - Support added for Composite Diagrams
  2. Details of the steps in Scenarios can be seen in Prolaborate

Bug Fixes

  1. Filter conflicts are handled in Impact Analysis views
  2. Element icons will display fine
  3. Saved Impact Analysis views will restore to its original state when opened again
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