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V 3.0 DEC 14 '18
V 3.1 FEB 25 '19
V 3.2.2 JULY 1 '19
V 3.2.3 SEP 5 '19
V 3.2.4 NOV 15 '19
V 3.2.5 FEB 21 '20
V 3.2.6 APR 8 '20
V 3.2.7 JUN 22 '20
V 3.3.0 OCT 29 '20
V 3.4.0 FEB 15 '21
V 3.4.1 MAR 24 '21
V 3.5.0 JUL 30 '21
V 3.6.0 FEB 02 '22
V 3.7.0 SEP 08 '22
  • CxO Level Charts
  • Best performing Prolaborate
  • SAML SSO Integration
  • New Chart Designer
  • Roadmap Charts
  • Azure DevOps Integration
  • Relationship Matrix
  • Enhanced Chart Designers
  • High Availability
  • Improved Reviews
  • Copy Dashboards and Widgets
  • Color-code Charts
  • Create Jira issues
  • Performance Fixes
  • 3.7.0

    08-sep-2022   Prolaborate Installer    Upgrade instructions    Upgrade - SQL Schema 
      Upgrade - MySQL Delimit Schema     Confluence Plugin    Microsoft Teams App 
      EA Add-in    Diagram Editor    Installation - SQL Schema    Installation - MySQL Schema 

    • 🌟Delete relationship between artifacts (Learn More)

    • 📤Prolaborate now supports TLS1.2 for Mailer Configuration and Integrations

    • 📤 Stereotype field in connector property creation is set to be optional

    • 📤 In properties window, elements are sorted by name for the added connector properties

    • 📤 Custom attributes are sorted by name if ORDER BY clause is applied in the query

    • 📤Existing relationship matrix profiles are optimized to load quickly in Prolaborate

    • 📤 Users can set more than 50 characters for Application URL in Application Access Settings Page

    • 🐞 In a Report widget, subreport will display the column names even if they have spaces in them

    • 🐞 In the diagram's view, Artifacts having composite diagram are now redirected to open the correct composite diagram

    • 🐞 Delinked Jira items are excluded from the artifact reference section in the properties window

    • 🐞 ‘Zoom In’ option for large diagrams in the diagram’s view works as expected

    • 🐞 Tagged Value of type ‘Memo’ with no value displays an empty field as expected

    • 🐞 The functionality which displays Last Active time is fixed to capture the actual login and logout time within User Management

    • 🐞 In Connector attribute, target element filter in designer method now works as expected

    • 🐞 ‘My Status’ progress bar in review summary now works as expected

  • 3.6.0

    02-feb-2022   Confluence Plugin    Microsoft Teams App 

    • 🌟 Create any type of elements using the Enhanced Excel editor (Learn More)

      • Create elements of custom stereotypes and also import data from .csv file using Prolaborate.

    • 🌟 Establish traceability between artifacts using Prolaborate (Learn More)

      • Easily establish relationships and add connectors between elements.

      • Couple this capability with an enhanced Excel editor to make it easy for architects and modelers to import data, connect them, and visualize them using the all-new Charts in Prolaborate. This extends the capability of Prolaborate into modeling and design space.

    • 🌟 Create & Edit Packages in Prolaborate (Learn More)

      • On top of creating, connecting, and editing elements, now you can create and edit packages too.

    • 🌟 Customize the email templates effortlessly (Learn More)

      • Customize email notification templates within Prolaborate by designing your content in the preferred language based on your requirement.

    • 🌟 Tell a story with EA reports (Learn More)

      • Move on from standard table reports to the improved visually appealing and presentation-friendly reports. Customize the report with a free form HTML editor. Creativity is your limit!

      • Queries can now accommodate alias names with space. Also, mixed cases are now supported and any column can be made clickable.

    • 📤 New settings were introduced just to disable public links and enhance security. This will be useful if Prolaborate is hosted in an internet-accessible environment

    • 📤 Changes to Review items will trigger an email notification to the participants

    • 📤 Roadmap Chart

      1. Items and their groups are ordered alphabetically
      2. Elements can be highlighted and stay highlighted after a click on legend rather than on hover
    • 📤 Search through the model, packages, and elements when a repository is shared anonymously using Open Community Access

    • 📤 SAML SSO is supported in all load balancing and auto-scaling environments

    • 📤 When a user updates his/her first name or last name in the SAML IDP, the corresponding details will now automatically get updated in Prolaborate

    • 📤 Enhanced the Content security policy in IIS to access other external domains

      • Prolaborate enhanced the content security policy to access other external domains. (To Learn more)
    • 🐞 Hyperlinks in the description box can now be viewed in a new tab if needed

    • 🐞 Share relationship matrix using short URLs

    • 🐞 Active Directory user synchronization feature works as expected

  • 3.5.0

    30-jul-2021   Confluence Plugin    Microsoft Teams App 

    • 🌟 Introducing the new Matrix Bubble chart for Architecture Data Visualization

      • Visualize multi-fact Application and Strategic Data juxtaposed on 2 dimensions to provide a single intuitive way to drive better Architecture Insights.

      • Use the simple to use Data drive designer wizard to plot your Enterprise Architect data into a highly informative Chart.

    • 🌟 Edit Enterprise Architect Diagrams Online using Prolaborate - Enterprise Architect SaaS integration

      • Introducing the new Prolaborate – Enterprise Architect SaaS integration to allow users to navigate from the Online viewing portal to the Enterprise Architect application in the same browser to edit and complete diagrams.

    • 🌟 Intuitive Excel editor

      • Adding and Editing Requirements, applications and servers have never been easier. The new improved Excel editor that adapts to your custom architecture profiles (MDG) of Enterprise Architect allows any users to use the web interface to quickly add and edit content.

    • 📤 Performance optimized for users using a large number of groups

    • 📤 Inherited Tagged value groups are now supported

    • 📤 Any General property can be chosen while creating charts

    • 📤 Support added for deletion of Relationship Matrices

    • 📤 Security token and support for HTTPS introduced in EA Add-In for improved security

    • 📤 Decide whether to let the users be signed in or sign in every time

    • 📤 SAML logs can also be accessed from the Health Checks page

    • 🐞 Links added to Discussions will work properly in Email notifications

    • 🐞 Saved Enum Tag Value will be visible in the Properties window

    • 🐞 Report to subreport navigation will work properly in all scenarios

    • 🐞 EA Reports can be exported as CSV files as seen in Prolaborate

    • 🐞 Packages and models will show up as ordered in Sections

  • 3.4.1

    24-Mar-2021   Confluence Plugin    Microsoft Teams App 

    • 📤 Prolaborate is now compatible with AWS and Azure WAF templates

    • 🐞 Last Name will be populated properly while integrating Prolaborate with SAML SSO

    • 🐞 RefGUID and RefGUID list will get saved fine

  • 3.4.0

    15-Feb-2021   Confluence Plugin    Microsoft Teams App 

    • 🌟 Custom Query based results in Prolaborate Forms (Modelling Languages). For example, view related business services when looking at a capability, or view related applications when looking at a business process, etc. Learn more here

    • 🌟 Edit diagrams in EA in a single click while discussing about the changes in Prolaborate. Learn more here

    • 🌟 Get an overarching view of Reviews through summary Charts and Report widgets. Learn more here

    • 🌟 Discuss about the diagrams, charts, and reports using the new Dashboard-based discussions capability. Learn more here

    • 🌟 Enable centralized logging by customizing the path of all the logs generated by Prolaborate. Learn more here

    • 📤 Confluence

      1. Settings will be retained and will be shown when you try to edit
      2. New settings introduced to control borders and visibility of Diagram path
      3. Dependency on Prolaborate application for CSS is removed for enhanced security
      4. Code optimized to avoid impact on the features of Confluence and other plugins
      5. Contextual help links for better assistance
    • 📤 Jira - Type based filter is available now to make search easier when trying to link EA elements to Jira items

    • 📤 Images added to a Discussion can now be viewed in full screen

    • 📤 Landscape Chart

      1. Look and feel enhanced through prominent headers , text alignment, wrapping, etc.
      2. Many new settings introduced to have greater control on the look and feel
    • 📤 Heatmap Chart - Look and feel enhanced through prominent headers, text alignment, wrapping, etc.

    • 📤 Repository browser pin status will be retained till the session is alive

    • 📤 Swedish characters supported while updating ENUM tag values

    • 📤 Links in Constraints will be clickable

    • 📤 Current user setting introduced in Discussion widgets to let every user see their own discussion in the Dashboard

    • 📤 Custom date formats can be defined while configuration Roadmap charts

    • 📤 Settings introduced to defined the default number of entries in Package Children view

    • 📤 Double quotes and backslash are now supported while setting a password

    • 📤 New settings introduced to define Date format of dates stored in EA

    • 📤 Repository Settings control added to Role-based Admin Access settings

    • 📤 Diagram Image Share URL is encrypted now

    • 📤 Bootstrap plugin upgraded to 4.2.1 for better security

    • 📤 Signup API will not be accessible when Sign Up is disabled

    • 🐞 Confluence - Diagram will fit properly to the window

    • 🐞 Updates in other languages will work fine

    • 🐞 Specific Discussion links will take the user to the right discussion

  • 3.3.0

    29-Oct-2020   Confluence Macro    Microsoft Teams App    Install 

    • 🌟 Microsoft Teams Integration

      • Prolaborate makes it easier to share live architecture and modeling information from your Enterprise Architect models to Microsoft Teams. Learn more here

    • 🌟 Make it easier for users to participate in Discussions

      • A Discussions widget has been introduced to let you discuss from the landing page. Learn more here

    • 🌟 Communicate the status of Discussions to the audience

      • A Discussions summary widget has been introduced to give you a summarized view of discussions as a chart. Learn more here

    • 🌟 The server version of Azure DevOps is now officially supported. Learn more here

    • 🌟 Latest security features, as per OWASP, have been applied to the complete application and validated using premium Security Tools

    • 🌟 Error logs can now be downloaded from Prolaborate. There’s no need for Admins to contact IT teams to get logs anymore. Learn more here

    • 📤 Width of Repository browser is retained on Navigation

    • 📤 Long element names in Children view will be shown as a tool tip on hover

    • 📤 Discussions can be created on Connectors from all the possible places

    • 📤 Chart reports will show the name of the chart as the title rather than a standard text

    • 📤 Bar chart labels are top aligned in a better way

    • 📤 Roadmap chart

      1. Timelines and milestones will support all major date formats
      2. Toggling Groups handled in a better way without introducing blank space in the chart
    • 📤 RefGUIDs supported in charts

    • 📤 Item type will be shown in Jira Browser

    • 📤 Excel Editor

      1. Current package selection considered while creating elements
      2. Structure notes easily using Alt + Enter
    • 📤 Relationship matrices enhanced for better compatibility with EA matrice

    • 📤 Reusable Access Profiles has been introduced for use in SAML and AD SSO

    • 📤 Norwegian and accented characters can be used while creating users and user groups

    • 🐞 Links in the description of elements will open on click

    • 🐞 Keywords will be visible for elements

    • 🐞 Linked Documents will download properly in all compatible browsers

    • 🐞 Connector tagged values will be visible in Properties window

    • 🐞 Discussions icons will show fine in Repository browser

    • 🐞 Add as many Review discussions as you want without any limits

    • 🐞 Public URL of Reviews will not show login prompt for SAML SSO users

    • 🐞 Prolaborate add-in for EA will show the right element icons

    • 🐞 Jira search will show results only from the selected project

    • 🐞 Package type will show up in Chart Configuration for MySQL database users

    • 🐞 Latest MDG changes will be included on update

    • 🐞 WebSocket (In-app notifications) will work fine over HTTPS connections

  • 3.2.7

    22-Jun-2020   Confluence Macro    Install 

    • 🌟 Centralized User and License Management

      • Manage your users and licenses easily from a single place

    • 🌟 Prolaborate DB Management

      • Backup and restore Prolaborate databases as and when needed using the new utility

    • 🌟 Share multiple diagrams in Confluence

      • Embed as many diagrams as you want in Confluence

    • 📤 Relationship Matrix – New usability enhancements and capability to share links of the matrices

    • 📤 Set My Diagrams view as the landing view if you want to showcase EA diagrams easily

    • 📤 Performance of Confluence macro optimized

    • 📤 Capability to add long descriptions in Excel editor

    • 📤 Names of Classifiers and instances will show up as in EA now

    • 📤 Ability to set default package children view to Thumbnail, Table, or List

    • 📤 UI of Landscape charts can be customized further through the new settings

    • 📤 Labels made clearly visible even in crowded Bar charts

    • 📤 Review side bar will also show incomplete or pending reviews

    • 📤 Final Review comments are added as discussions for later reference. They are added to email notifications as well

    • 📤 Labels updated in Sign up settings to make it simpler

    • 📤 Confirmation window introduced while deleting a dashboard widget

    • 📤 UI of Repositories Configure window enhanced for better readability

    • 📤 Tooltip introduced to see full name of Reviews in Feeds

    • 📤 Proper messages will be shown for empty Review widgets

    • 📤 Proper message shown when EA Postgres database without the prerequisites are added and EA databases with unsupported EA schema are added

    • 📤 Windows authentication supported while configuring Microsoft SQL databases

    • 📤 Credentials will be encrypted even in internal server logs

    • 🐞 Reviewer statuses will show up fine Review Dashboards

    • 🐞 Access permissions will not be impacted by change in Model names

    • 🐞 Enum tagged values will show up as blank if no value is set

    • 🐞 Review widgets performance optimized

    • 🐞 Adding MDGs that have dependencies will work as expected

    • 🐞 Export and import of custom attributes work fine now

    • 🐞 Scroll bar introduced in Repository dropdown

    • 🐞 AD groups users will be available while tagging users in discussions

  • 3.2.6

    08-Apr-2020   Confluence Macro    Install 

    • 📤 Huge performance optimization - Diagrams, packages, objects, and users list in Discussions will load 2x faster

    • 📤 This version is compatible with Pro Cloud Server’s latest version and Token edition

    • 📤 Accented characters are now supported in Form designer

    • 🐞 Repository failure messages will show correctly when there is an issue with EA Security credentials

  • 3.2.5

    21-Feb-2020   Confluence Macro    Install 

    • 🌟 Saves tons of hours of building dashboards by reusing widgets and dashboards

      • Copy dashboards and widgets within and across repositories

    • 🌟 Visualize and highlight statuses to decision makers to prompt action

      • Color code applications, activities, or any EA objects based on their properties or tagged values

    • 🌟 Create Jira / Azure DevOps issues or items on the fly

      • Found a task related to your EA model while browsing through it using Prolaborate? Create Jira or Azure DevOps tasks, issues, stories, etc.

    • 🌟 Share documents easily with business users

      • Create reports on linked or embedded documents. Users can view and download the documents as well

    • 📤 Browser back button supported in all scenarios for easier navigation

    • 📤 Most of the global settings moved to Repository level for better management

    • 📤 Reports available at Level 1 for Multi-level charts

    • 📤 Look and feel enhanced for Landscape charts

    • 📤 Create dashboards with links to other dashboards

    • 📤 Customize discussion identifiers as per your requirements

    • 📤 Format chart values for better presentation

    • 📤 AD users can add their personal information in Prolaborate

  • 3.2.4

    15-Nov-2019   New Installation Notes    Confluence Macro 

    • 🌟 Reviews enhanced to give the users a smooth and streamlined experience

      • Multi-level selection of review items revamped to let Reviewers and Approvers give feedback easily

      • Review admins will be able to manage all the Reviews

      • Easily start discussions on the objects on Diagrams sent for Review

      • Various other UI and UX enhancements

    • 📤 Invite AD users to discussions by tagging them

    • 📤 Click any pie on Nested Pie chart to expand it

    • 📤 Hide sub-blocks in Heatmap charts to better showcase complex information

    • 📤 Set a custom label for Z-axis in Bubble chart

    • 📤 Easily view groups a user is part of

    • 📤 Repository browser works on lazy loading concept now

    • 📤 Diagram type filter in My Diagrams will show content based on model data

    • 📤 Minor enhancements to scrolling behavior of Repository browser

    • 📤 Look and feel enhanced for Landscape Charts for improved user experience

    • 📤 Text orientation fixed in Nested pie charts for better readability

    • 📤 Support added for MySQL 8 version

    • 📤 Added compatibility for Pro Cloud Server Token edition

    • 📤 Relationship Matrix optimized for better performance

    • 📤 Accented character support added to all forms and chart designers

    • 📤 Invite Collaborators email template enhanced

    • 🐞 Export EA reports to CSV files without any issues

    • 🐞 All in-app notifications will show up correctly

    • 🐞 Expired AD users will not be able to login

    • 🐞 Emails sent out all the time to newly registered users

    • 🐞 Recently Viewed Items - Multiple minor bugs fixed

    • 📖 Idle Session Timeout removed to ensure users stay connected

    • 📖 User Sessions changed to Login History

  • 3.2.3

    5-Sep-2019   New Installation Notes    Confluence Macro 

    • 🌟 Enhanced Azure DevOps Integration

      • Bring in specific filtered information from Azure DevOps to your EA dashboards in Prolaborate

    • 🌟 Build specific charts to answer key queries to your audience

      • Property/Value and connector direction based filters introduced on top of existing filters in all Charts

    • 🌟 No need to create new profiles to create elements

      • Excel Interface linked to Modeling Languages. Just reuse configuration from Modeling Languages

    • 🌟 Highly Available Prolaborate

      • Prolaborate can now be hosted on highly available and auto-scalable cloud environments

    • 📤 Set color of your choice for the text shown on charts

    • 📤 EA Reports enhanced to suit latest changes in Package children view

    • 📤 Complete hierarchy will be highlighted when you hover over Landscape charts

    • 📤 Length of name of dashboard widgets increased from 50 to 200

    • 🐞 Pasting any kind of text in Review notes will get submitted properly

    • 🐞 Users logging in through any Single Sign-On app will be directly taken to Dashboards page if there’s only one repository

    • 🐞 Internal documents can be downloaded from Oracle EA models

    • 🐞 Columns in EA Reports will show columns as per the configuration in Modeling Languages

    • 🐞 Accented characters across various languages are now supported in email notifications

    • 🐞 Downloaded EA reports will show long notes properly

  • 3.2.2

    1-July-2019   New Installation Notes    Confluence Macro 

    • 🌟 Architecture in One-Page

      • Create Strategy map or Application Portfolio view or a Service landscape using the landscape diagrams. (Read more)

    • 🌟 Derive valuable insights from complex Enterprise Architecture data

      • Multi-layered charts like Heat maps and Sunburst charts can be created using designers effortlessly (Read more)

    • 🌟 Enhance decision making process through multi-dimensional bubble charts

      • Chart designer enhanced to support the 3rd dimension of bubble chart (Read more)

    • 🌟 Track the progress between current-state and future-state architecture

      • Important milestones and events can be added to EA Roadmaps. Multiple settings introduced to enhance readability (Read more)

    • 🌟 Visualize, understand, and analyze relationships in your EA models through the all new Relationship Matrix

      • Relationship Matrices created in Enterprise Architect are also supported (Read more)

    • 🌟 Creating and editing EA data has never been more easier!

      • Bulk import and edit EA elements using an intuitive Excel interface (Read more)

    • 🌟 Integrate with Azure DevOps

      • Create end to end links between items in EA and Azure DevOps (Read more)

    • 🌟 Integrate with an app of your choice

      • Public APIs introduced for custom Integration

    • 📤 Customize the colors of all visualizations in Prolaborate through custom color palettes

    • 📤 Change Time zone of Prolaborate at a global as well user level

    • 📤 Configure Multiple Active Directory domains for SSO

    • 📤 Setup default access permissions for users signing up using direct sign up forms

    • 📤 Give Review feedback directly from diagram or overview pages of elements

    • 📤 View EA models of any size and any number of levels

    • 📤 Enhance the look and feel of Dashboards using new color settings

    • 📤 Search for diagrams in an easier way using the revamped filters in My diagrams

    • 📤 Land directly on dashboard when logging as a SAML user

    • 📤 Troubleshoot better with improved logs and log controls

    • 🐞 Minor issues in Sections and access permissions have been resolved

    • 🐞 Emails will deliver correctly irrespective of their language

    • 📖 Filter type removed from Integration project configuration

  • 3.1.0

    25-Feb-2019   New Installation Notes 

    • 🌟 Improve Security and user experience with Single Sign-on (SSO)

      • No time to manage users in Prolaborate? Integrate Prolaborate with any SAML-based identity providers like Okta, Microsoft ADFS, Mini Orange, etc.
        (Read more)

    • 🌟 Use Roadmaps to visualize the path and timeline to achieve your Organization’s goals

      • Want to showcase roadmap of your Organization to business users? Create rich roadmaps based on your architecture data using form based designers
        (Read more)

    • 🌟 Create CxO level presentation views with rich and dynamic charts using chart designer

      • Not comfortable with building charts from SQL queries? Use the simple and intuitive designer to create charts with just a few clicks. (Read more)

    • 🌟 Let stakeholders access specific parts of your EA models and custom dashboards just by using a simple link

      • Let’s make HTML publishing simpler and real-time! Share links of repositories to let everyone access EA model information and Prolaborate dashboards. No sign-in required! (Read more)

    • 🌟 Enable active collaboration within your organization through targeted email notifications

      • Are your users receiving too many emails? Users will get notified through emails ONLY if they are involved in the discussions and reviews that are going on.

    • 🌟 Enterprise grade security

      • Extensive assessment was done using specialized security tools such as ZAP, Acunetix, and Burp Suite to make Prolaborate more secure

      • Prolaborate is now FIPS compliant.

    • 🌟 Standardize the way you embed EA information in web portals like SharePoint, Confluence, Joomla, etc.

      • Configure all the properties of iFrame based embeddable links

    • 🌟 New version of Prolaborate add-in for EA and Prolaborate macro for Confluence released

    • 📤 Create and edit elements irrespective of EA security modes

    • 📤 UI framework upgraded to give you a better experience

    • 📤 Multi-level charts like Heatmaps and Nested pie charts has been optimized for better performance

    • 📤 View progress of Reviews from your Dashboard and side bar through improved UI

    • 📤 Order of EA objects in Repository browser would be same as in EA

    • 📤 New password rules introduced to improve security

    • 📤 Counts in Discussion overlays will show the count of open discussions

    • 📤 Discussions and Feeds optimized for better performance

    • 📤 Ability to download Discussions as PDF is available again

    • 📤 Package children view improved to be similar to EA Reports view

    • 📤 Preview Access Permissions has been brought back with improved features like capability to preview permissions of an user group

    • 📤 Sections revamped to improved performance

    • 📤 Configure access for Repository will take into account the configuration of Sections

    • 🐞 Recently viewed items will work as expected

  • 3.0.0

    14-DEC-2018   New Installation Notes 

    • 🌟 New CxO level charts

      • Create multi-level charts to represent complex data in an impressive and easily understandable way. (Read more)

    • 🌟 Best performing Prolaborate yet

      • Feel the difference by upgrading to this new version

    • 🌟 Support for Active Directory (AD) groups available in all Prolaborate editions

      • AD groups have a separate page of action – You can add, view members, enable/disable, and sync them. (Read more)

    • 🌟 Bring your Impact Analysis views to Dashboard

      • A new dashboard widget has been introduced that lets you bring Impact Analysis views straight to your dashboard. (Read more)

    • 🌟 Delete discussions

      • Collaborate freely without having to think twice, as you have the capability to delete a discussion. (Read more)

    • 🌟 Complete Jira report

      • You can see the full list of Jira items without any limitations in a separate table view. (Read more)

    • 🌟 Revamped Subscriptions

      • Looking to make your email and in-app notifications more relevant? Subscribe only to the models of your choice using “Subscriptions”. (Read more)

    • 🌟 Single access for all users of a Repository

      • Don’ t want to configure access individually for the users? No problem. Configure a single access for all the users. (Read more)

    • 🌟 New Health Checks page

      • View all the important information related to the functioning of Prolaborate at a single place. (Read more)

    • 📤 You will now be able to AD groups to Prolaborate groups. This will let you set Repository admin access and default dashboards to members of Active Directory (AD) groups

    • 📤 UX enhancements to the way you search for AD users and groups

    • 📤 Double click action handled for objects without landing pages like boundaries, notes, texts, etc.

    • 📤 By default, you will only see open Discussions unlike before where you had to apply a filter to see the open discussions

    • 📤 Links on EA diagrams will open the link in a new tab when you double click on them

    • 📤 Better communication to users when Sections or Access permissions are not defined

    • 📤 Better control to users while adding a new repository. Choose whether you want to configure Sections and Access permissions automatically or manually

    • 📤 Deleting a Section will work instantly

    • 📤 Linked documents can be viewed in Full screen

    • 📤 Reviews optimized to handle huge EA models

    • 📤 WebSocket can be configured over HTTPS protocol

    • 🐞 Links on EA reports will work fine

    • 🐞 Save changes to objects which has access control defined in Modeling Languages

    • 📖 Lookup service disabled by default and so, EA updates widget will not be available in Dashboard

    • 📖 Reserved users and read-only users concept has been removed to avoid confusion

    • 📖 View Access permissions removed for now. Will be re-introduced in upcoming release

    • 📖 Capability to download discussions as PDF has been removed and will be reintroduced in upcoming release

    • 📖 Sticky Diagram List widget has been removed from the Dashboard widgets list

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