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Prolaborate Upgrade FAQs

Troubleshoot during version upgrade

Upgrading Prolaborate from V3.5, V3.6, or V3.7 to V4.x or V5.x can sometimes present challenges. We have listed some common issues along with their solutions that users may encounter during the upgrade process for these specific versions.

These quick solutions aim to guide you through potential roadblocks encountered during the upgrade process, ensuring a smooth transition to a newer version of Prolaborate.


  • The following information only applies to upgrading from the above-mentioned versions and does not apply to older versions such as v3.4 or below.

Dashboards and its widgets are not properly displayed

Issue: After upgrading, users may notice that widgets on the dashboard are no longer displaying as expected or have disappeared.

Resolution: To display the dashboard information and ensure a smooth transition to the latest version, execute the “DataMigrator.exe” application, usually located at “C:\Program Files \Prolaborate\ProlaborateDataMigration” as per the documentation.


  • If you are Using Prolaborate V4 or older generation the path for “Data Migrator” application located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Prolaborate\ProlaborateDataMigration

Previously shared URLs not working

Issue: Previously shared private, public, or embed short URLs will not work if the domain is changed during the upgrade, which leads to restricted access to shared content.

Resolution: To restore access, individually regenerate the required links after upgrading to the new version.

Repository not accessible post upgrade

Issue: Some users may encounter difficulties accessing the repository in Prolaborate post upgrade

Resolution: This issue is often caused by incompatibility with older schema versions of the Enterprise Architect (EA) database. Smooth out the upgrade process by ensuring the EA schema is upgraded to the latest compatible version. Download the latest schema here.

Confluence Integration is not working post-upgrade

Issue: Users might experience a failure in integration with Confluence after an upgrade, resulting in disrupted collaboration and information sharing.

Resolution: Get Confluence integration back on track by reconfiguring it in the application according to the provided documentation.

Collation error after entering the database details during upgrade

Issue: During upgrade, users face a Collation error in the Prolaborate database details.

Resolution: This error is specific to MySQL DB users and relates to incorrect charset/collation settings, which prevent Prolaborate from accepting the database. To overcome this issue, ensure the database charset/collation is set to utf8mb4/utf8mb4_general_ci, allowing Prolaborate to function seamlessly with the database.

Do we need to stop the Prolaborate V3 services?

Issue: Users may wonder about the necessity of stopping the V3 services after updating Prolaborate to the latest version 

Resolution: Yes, it is recommended to stop the V3 service after updating Prolaborate. Once the upgrade is complete, halting the V3 service in the environment enables seamless utilization of the latest version of the Prolaborate service.  

Can Prolaborate V3 folders cleared?

Issue: Users might be unsure about clearing the contents of V3 folders post-upgrade. 

Resolution: Before any deletions, it’s imperative to create a backup as a precautionary measure. Nevertheless, one can clear the V3 folders after upgrading the Prolaborate to the latest version. 

V3 and V5 folders are mixed after the installation, what can we do? 

Issue: How can we prevent the intertwining of V3 and V5 folders post-installation to avoid confusion? 

Resolution: Prolaborate V3 and V5 folders will be intertwined if the user chooses the same installation path of Prolaborate V3 when upgrading to Prolaborate V5. Folders related to Prolaborate V3 can be cleared if the user no longer uses Prolaborate V3. 

Do you need to stop IIS?

Issue: In Prolaborate legacy (v3.7 and below), IIS (Internet Information Services) was a prerequisite for version installations. However, with versions 5 and above, IIS is no longer mandatory. 

Resolution: Before initiating the upgrade process, it is crucial to halt IIS operations. However, once the upgrade is successfully completed, the configuration of IIS becomes redundant and can be dispensed with. 

Is it safe to delete the Prolaborate V4 folder? 

Issue: Users may question the safety of deleting the Prolaborate V4 folder from their system post upgrade to V5. 

Resolution: Indeed, it is safe to delete the Prolaborate V4 folder. However, prior to deletion, it is imperative to ensure that backups have been completed for the folders of the current version. This precautionary step mitigates the risk of data loss and ensures a smooth transition. 

Do we have to update Confluence after the Prolaborate upgrade? 

Issue: Users may inquire about the necessity of updating Confluence following Prolaborate upgrade. 

Resolution: If you’re using Prolaborate version 3, updating the Confluence version is indeed required. However, for upgrades from Prolaborate V4 to V5, there’s no necessity to update or change the Confluence version. This ensures a seamless transition without the need for additional updates to Confluence. 

For further details regarding the supported Cloud versions, click here

To learn about the supported versions for Data Center, click here. 

Do I update the Single Sign-On Configuration after upgrading Prolaborate from Version 3 to Version 5? 

Issue: Users may wonder whether they need to update the Single Sign-On (SSO) configuration when upgrading Prolaborate from version 3 to version 5. 

Resolution: Yes, after the successful upgrade to version 5, it is necessary to update the Single Sign-On configuration. Starting from Prolaborate V4, we’ve introduced a field to accommodate attributes and claims, enhancing authentication processes and reinforcing security protocols. For detailed configuration instructions, click here to know on how to configure Single Sign-On or reach out to our support team for assistance. 

Do I Need to Update the SAML Single Sign-On configuration for Prolaborate from Version 4 to Version 5? 

Issues: Users may inquire about the necessity of updating the Single Sign-On (SSO) configuration when upgrading Prolaborate from version 4 to version 5. 

Resolution: No, there is no need for any configuration changes in SSO after upgrading to version 5. The transition to version 5 maintains the existing SSO configuration seamlessly, ensuring continued authentication functionality without any adjustments required. 

Do we need to run the migrator for upgrading from Prolaborate V4 to V5? 

Issue: Users may question whether it’s necessary to execute the Data migrator when upgrading from Prolaborate version 4 to version 5. 

Resolution: There’s no imperative need to execute the data migrator; The choice to run the migrator is to enhance performance and is not mandatory for the continued operation of Prolaborate. However, we recommend doing so post-update for enhanced performance. Additionally, starting from Prolaborate 5.2, the data migrator will be automatically executed during the installation process.

For more in-depth assistance and additional FAQs, reach out to our support team at support[at]prolaborate[dot]com.


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