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Troubleshooting when adding a repository

Trouble Shoot: PCS Connection Failed

This error is displayed when Prolaborate could not establish a connection with the configured Enterprise Architect (EA) Model in the Pro Cloud Server

It could be because of the following reasons:

  1. If database configuration in Pro Cloud Server (PCS) is incorrect or the details of the EA database entered in Prolaborate are incorrect. Check whether you can connect to the model using Cloud Connection in Enterprise Architect using the same details entered in Prolaborate.
  2. The port used by PCS (For example – 1804) is not open. From a browser in a local machine, enter the server’s name or DNS or IP address of the server where PCS is installed appended by the port number (For example, SSN007:1804) and check whether you are getting a Congratulatory message.
    PCS port is 1804 by default. The alias can be found in the PCS console.
  3. Pro Features are not enabled in PCS

4. “Allow saving password” setting is not enabled while configuring the database managed in PCS

5. PCS OSLC Support is not enabled. Open PCS configuration file (Sample path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Sparx Systems\Cloud Services\Service\SSProCloud.config) and check if OSLC_Support is set to 1. If not, change the value to 1.

6. If the EA database is configured using user DSN, then configure the EA database using System DSN if your EA models are on MySQL, Oracle, or Postgres.

7. Sparx Systems Professional Cloud service is not running.

8. If HTTPS is enabled in PCS, TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3 should be enabled in Port settings.

9. Server.pem file should be placed in the Service folder. The folder is typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Sparx Systems\Pro Cloud Server\Service.


  • Always restart the “Sparx Systems Professional Cloud” service if you make any changes to the config file.
  • The above provided path is for a 32-bit Pro Cloud Server (PCS). Locate the PCS config file for 64- bit in the Program Files folder.

Trouble Shoot: Authentication Failed

The error will show up when

  1. Authentication is not enabled in Prolaborate for an Enterprise Architect model which has Security enabled in it
  2. The Authentication details are incorrect

If you are getting the above error even after entering the valid credentials, check if you can log in to the model in Enterprise Architect using those credentials.

If the password is changed, it should be updated in Prolaborate to access the repository.

Trouble Shoot: Unsupported EA database schema

The message shows up when you have an older version (851) of EA database schema. There are 2 ways this error can be fixed:

  1. Run the latest EA database schema on your repositories. This involves a certain level of risk as you are running DB scripts on a production repository
  2. Create a new repository and do the following steps. This has absolutely no risk

If you wish to go for #1 option, reach out to us at prolaborate[at]sparxsystems[dot]com for a quick discussion.

Here are the steps to carry out #2 option and fix the error:

  1. Take a backup of the EA repositories without fail
  2. Create an empty database
  3. Visit this link and download the database schema under the Enterprise Architect Schema Creation Scripts section. Ensure to choose 1558 version
  4. Run the latest DB schema on the empty database. Do a project transfer from existing DB to this one (EA will handle all the conversions smoothly)
    • Create file-based Repository
    • Do a Project transfer from existing DB to file (DBMS to File)
    • Do a Project transfer the file to newly created empty DB (File to DBMS)
  5. Copy the existing Alias name (Model name) in PCS and configure this DB in PCS with the same alias name. Check if everything is working fine in Prolaborate.

After migration, If EA database is hosted in Microsoft SQL Server, you should connect to EA repository either through PCS or OLE DB. ODBC should not be used

The warning message will go away and Prolaborate will work fine.

Trouble Shoot: Unsupported Database server

  1. If EA Database is in PostgreSQL server, execute the below query on each of your EA databases:
    create extension hstore
  2. If EA database is in Firebird server:
    It will not work in Prolaborate as that database server is not supported yet. You can host your EA models on the supported database server.

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