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How many Confluence users can use the Prolaborate macro?

Currently, the number of users using the Prolaborate macro is unlimited.

What is the price of the Integrations add-on?

The price for the Integration add-on is USD 1,400 per year. To know more about pricing details, click here.

Which option is the best to get started with?

These are some commonly used choices that most organizations tend to choose.

Scenario Requirements Products
1. Share live information on Confluence using a macro.  Growing Teams Edition (10-licensed users) and Integrations add-on 
2. To share repositories and visualizations using links  Growing Teams Edition (10-licensed users), Integrations and Open Community Access add-on 
3. Use Prolaborate to share, collaborate, integrate, visualize, and analyze EA models.  Large Teams Edition – 100 licensed users 


  • Learn more here about on-premises Prolaborate deployment 
  •  Learn more here about cloud Prolaborate deployment 
  •  Place purchase request using this link. 

Opting for the Large Teams edition would be a prudent decision, as it grants access to all features without any limitations. 

How many Prolaborate licenses are consumed when users access Prolaborate via Confluence?

No licenses are consumed when using the Prolaborate macro for Confluence. The macro provides unlimited views. Learn more here.


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