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Sign up for Prolaborate

November 12, 2019

The sign-up feature allows anyone from your organization to quickly sign up and gain access to Prolaborate.

This will be really useful if Prolaborate is hosted on your premises; you can just share the Prolaborate link and ask your colleagues to sign up.

This will save Prolaborate admins from a lot of manual work of adding users one by one.

This article explains how to enable guest signup option for admins and how to sign up for users.

This feature will work only if you have configured Mailer.

Configure Sign-up Settings

Click on Menu > Guest Sign Up Settings. Enable Guest Sign up.

Then choose the level of access that needs to be given to the users signing up on their own.

You can choose any one of the following options:

  1. Give access to all repositories – The users will be given access to all repositories by adding them to the Default user group in each repository
  2. Specify access – The users will be added to the user groups you have specified after selecting the repositories. They will get access as per the access given to those groups
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