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Setup Active Directory

June 28, 2019

Integration with Active Directory lets you Improve Security and user experience. Users can just use their Windows login.

The integration is real time and so, user management becomes effortless for the admins of Prolaborate.

This article explains how to set up Active Directory in Prolaborate.

Configure Active Directory (AD)

To configure AD, click on Menu > Active Directory Click on Setup Active Directory.

  • Give a Name to the setup.Better to give a name based on the domain
  • Enter the Active Directory Server's IP address and Port Number.
  • Enable/disable SSL option based on your AD server’s configuration
  • Enter the Domain address in the Domain field.
    Please ensure proper domain or sub-domain is added here. Global domain names should not be used.
  • Enter the User name and Password used to login to the AD server(This is the user with permissions to access and retrieve AD objects)
  • Click on Save
You can get the details mentioned above from your IT team.

On clicking Test & Save, Prolaborate will check whether the details you entered are valid. If they are valid, the settings will be saved. Else, you will see an error message and the details will not be saved.

Once the setup is saved successfully, you need to enable the AD Sign-in option to allow the Active Directory users to login to Prolaborate.

You can repeat the above steps if you want users from more than one domain to access Prolaborate.

You need to add the AD users and groups and setup their access permissions to let them use Prolaborate. To know how to do it, please check Add Users guide

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