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View Prolaborate from within EA

June 20, 2018

Prolaborate add-in for Enterprise Architect lets you view discussions from Prolaborate and get web links for EA packages, diagrams and elements.

In this guide, we will see how to configure Prolaborate add-in and work with it.

Install Add-in

Prerequisites :
  • Minimum of .Net Framework 4.5.2
  • Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (32bit)

Follow the steps to install the Prolaborate add-in for Enterprise Architect:

  1. Get the installer from Prolaborate team
  2. Install Prolaborate add-in
  3. Open Enterprise Architect as an Admin
  4. Configure Repository

The configuration needs to be done only once. Other EA users can just install the add-in and start viewing information from Prolaborate seamlessly.

Configure Repository

EA Project needs to be connected to the right Prolaborate Repository in order to fetch the right information from Prolaborate.

To map an EA project to a Prolaborate Repository, click on Prolaborate > Configure Repositories and follow these steps:

  1. Select the protocol used in your Prolaborate instance
  2. Enter the URL of Prolaborate. For example, if your Prolaborate address is Prolaborate, then protocol is http and server URL is
  3. Click on Fetch. Repositories dropdown will show all the repositories configured in Prolaborate.
  4. Select the Repository which is related to this EA Project.
  5. (Optional) Disable the checkbox if you don’t want to open Prolaborate Summary and Discussions windows automatically when any EA item is selected.
  6. Click on Save

View Prolaborate Summary

When you click on any EA item, it’s summary and discussions created from Prolaborate will be shown in window as shown below:

From this window, you can

  1. Click on Priority and/or Status filters to filter out the discussions
  2. View the EA diagram, package, or element in a browser as an anonymous user
  3. View the EA diagram, package, or element in a browser as a Prolaborate user
  4. Copy the links by clicking on the copy icon to easily share it with your peers

View and Reply to Discussions

By default, all the discussions will be shown related to the EA item that is selected.

This window will get updated if you apply any filters in the Summary window.

If you want to reply to a discussion, just click on Add Reply button. You will be taken to the Prolaborate site where you can actively participate in the discussion.

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