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Open Community Access

February 26, 2020

Ever wanted to publish only a selected part of an EA model to a team or your customer?

Ever wished to publish different parts of an EA model to different teams?

Ever wanted to just share a link to let your users view live repository information?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, this feature is your answer.

On top of the live publishing benefits, you can create rich and dynamic dashboards for each published view and give the users the Prolaborate experience.

And the best part, your users can access these customized published views with just a user-friendly link. No authentication required!

Configure Community Access

To enable open community access, open a repository, go to Menu > Repository Settings and enable Share Repository option.

Share Selected Part of an EA model

To share a selected part of an EA model with a team or your customer, follow these steps:

Configure Sections

Open a repository and go to Menu > Sections. Then drag and drop the appropriate packages you wish your users should see.

Set Dashboard

Go to Menu > Dashboards and then click on Set as Default on the appropriate dashboard. This dashboard will be shown to your users.

Share Selected Parts of an EA model with Different Teams

Let’s say you want to share the same model used in the previous section to a different team. Please follow the steps:

Add New Repository

Add a new Prolaborate repository with the same information as previous repository. You can just change the Name and Alias.

Repeat all the steps in the previous section.

Configure Sections

Set Dashboard

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