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Manage Prolaborate Services and Configuration

December 10, 2018

Manage the services of Prolaborate, and Pro Cloud Server and Configuration either within Prolaborate or using an independent Windows application.

Manage Services using Windows Application

This is an all-in-one app that lets you manage all the processes, services, and configuration related to the functioning of Prolaborate. There is no need to go to Task Manager or Services or Config files to check the details.

This app can be found at the location where Prolaborate is installed. For example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Prolaborate\Service Management\Prolaborate Service Management.exe

These actions can be carried out only when inside the Server where Prolaborate is installed.

You can do the following from this view:

  • View the current status of Services. If all are running, everything is well and good.
  • Start, stop, or restart a Service
  • Check the status of Processes associated with a service by clicking on Manage Process. You can end a process by clicking on End Task.
  • Click on Refresh to retrieve the current state of Services

The following section gives you the description of each of the services:

1. Prolaborate Service

This service is the heart of Prolaborate. This should be up and running all the time.

2. Prolaborate Mailer Service

Any emails out of Prolaborate are controlled by this service. If you are getting emails from Prolaborate, this is what you need to look into.

3. Prolaborate Lookup Service

Any changes in EA models are notified to you by this service.

4. Pro Cloud Server

Prolaborate connects to EA data sources through Pro Cloud Server. If the currently working repositories show status as PCS Connection Failed, then start or restart this service.

Check Prolaborate Configuration using Windows Application

Details of Web application, database, etc., which you had given during the installation of Prolaborate can be edited from this view.


Field Description
BaseDirectory This is the location of WebApplication directory
BaseURL This should be the IP or URL you use to login to Prolaborate


Field Description
Type Type of Database server. You have two options right now
Host Database server name
Name Name of the Prolaborate database
UserId Login name
Password Login password

If you are changing the database, “Test Connection” to ensure the connectivity is fine.

Please do not change anything if you are not sure about what you are doing.

Manage Services using Prolaborate Web App

A minimalized version of Service Management is available within Prolaborate web application to let Prolaborate admins do simple tasks

Click on Menu > Service Management. You can stop or restart Mailer and EA Updates (Prolaborate Lookup) services and restart Pro Cloud Server service from this page.

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