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Get Notifications

March 13, 2018

Prolaborate notifies users and keeps them updated about various activities happening in Prolaborate as well as in Enterprise Architect models.

This article will help you learn how you can subscribe to/unsubscribe from notifications and configure In-app and email notifications.

Subscribe for In-app Notifications

By default, you will be subscribed to EA packages, diagrams and elements you have access to. You can click on the icon to unsubscribe from an item.

You will be notified about Reviews and Discussions happening on the items you have subscribed to.

You will also be notified about modifications in your EA models.

Configure Email Notifications

To manage how you receive email notifications, click on Menu > Email Notification Settings.

Email Notifications

This is the primary setting. You can set it to any one of the below settings:

  1. Always – Email notification will always be sent
  2. Only when I’m offline – Email notifications will be sent only when you are not logged in to Prolaborate
  3. Never – Email notifications will not be sent in any case.
Note: If you set Email Notifications to Never, the following settings will be disabled.

Summary Email

If you set this to either Weekly or Daily, you will be receiving email notifications about reviews, discussions and EA changes as a summary email.

Collaboration/Review Activities

You can control the email notifications at a granular level using these settings options.

EA Change Summary Notifications

Changes in EA models will be sent out as email notifications if you set this to On.

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