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General and Repository Settings

April 1, 2020

General Settings

Prolaborate gives you freedom even to modify the user experience at a granular level.

We will see the settings one by one in this guide.

Embedded Document Settings

Use these settings to control whether users should be able to view and download the embedded documents.

  1. Enable Download option for Documents - Enable this setting to let your users download your documents.
  2. Enable Access in Shared Public Links – Enable this setting to let any users using the public links of embedded documents to download the documents. Switch this off if it is a concern to let anyone download the documents.

Default Diagram Overlay Settings

Use these settings to control the default behaviour of overlays in Diagrams.

Enable Discussions

Enable this option to view Discussions overlays on diagrams by default.

Enable Connectors

Enable this option to see the details of connectors (if present).

Enable Integrated Apps

Enable this option to see overlays of integrated applications on diagrams by default. You can see the Jira links in the following diagram.

Time Zone Settings

This setting lets you set the time zone for Prolaborate.

If in case your teams work in different time zones, they can set their own time zones using the setting in their profile.


This setting enhances your security by disabling users from submitting system commands or special characters. Users will be blocked from entering standard keywords like alert, standard, etc.

Repository Settings

Browser Settings

Use these settings to control how Repository browser behaves by default.

Show Repository Browser

If you disable this option, the Repository Browser will not be visible to any user of Prolaborate.

Expand Browser

Prerequisite: Show Repository Browser option should be enabled.

If you disable this option, the Repository Browser will be in collapsed state by default.

Enable Discussions

If you enable this option, you will be able to see Discussion overlays in the Repository Browser by default.

Share Settings

You can use these settings to control whether your users can share EA items and Impact analysis views with others.

Enable Share URL

Disabling this setting will remove the Sharing option in Prolaborate. Users will not be able to get a shareable link of EA packages, diagrams or elements.

Enable Share Diagram

You can disable this setting to stop your users from getting the live EA diagram link

Enable Share Impact Analysis View

Disable this setting to remove the share option from saved Impact Analysis views.

Invite Collaborators

Enable this option to let your users invite their peers in to Prolaborate for collaborating with them.

Open Community Access

Enabling this option lets you open your EA models to your whole organization. Read more in this article.

Discussion Identifier

Learn about this setting in Discussions user guide here.