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Create Packages and Elements in EA Models

August 17, 2018

You can quickly create packages and elements in your Enterprise Architect models from within Prolaborate.

Configure Element Creation Settings

You can configure and customize this functionality based on your requirements.

Click on Menu > Element Creation Settings to go the settings page.

The first and foremost setting is to enable or disable this functionality. It is enabled by default.

Next, you need to choose any one of the Connection types detailed below:

PCS Connection

Choose this connection type if you are fine with creating elements with stereotypes only from the following MDGs – UML, BPMN 2.0 and Archimate 3.0

There is no configuration needed for this type of connection.

Direct Connection

Direct connection lets you create elements of any stereotype of your choice provided you have added the MDG which has that stereotype to Prolaborate.

Read more about Modeling languages in Prolaborate from here.

You can connect to EA databases based on the kind of details you have:

System DSN details

If you have System DSN details for your EA database, use the details here:

Type Choose the type of Database. Any one of MSSQL, MySQL, Postgres SQL, or Oracle
Data Source Name Name of the DSN as defined in ODBC data source administrator
Username and Password Credentials to login to the data source mentioned above

Create or edit DSN details from ODBC Data Source Administrator console. You can just type “ODBC data source” in search in Start menu of Windows to go to this client.

Database Details

Use this option, if you have the direct database details.

Type Choose the type of Database. Any one of MSSQL, MySQL, Postgres SQL, or Oracle
Server Name of the server where the EA database is located
Port Port number (If any)
Database Name Name of the EA database
Username and Password Credentials to login to the database mentioned above

Email Notifications

If you want a specific set of users or user groups to be notified when a new element is created, enable this feature.

After you enable email notifications toggle, select the users and user groups of your choice.

Create a Package or Element

Prerequisite: The package under which you want to create an element or a package should not be locked in EA and you should have write access in Prolaborate.

To create a package or an element,

  1. Click on the add icon in the Repository browser against the package inside which you want to create a package or an element
  2. Add Artifact page will open

Do the following:

  1. Select the Stereotype of the Element (Select Package if you want to create a Package)
  2. Give a Name to it
  3. Fill other details as needed. List of Properties that appear here are as per your configuration of the selected stereotype in Modeling Languages
  4. Add more elements by clicking on Add icon and doing the above 3 steps
  5. Click on Save

The created element(s) will appear in your Repository browser of Prolaborate.

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