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Configure SMTP

June 08, 2018

Emails from Prolaborate are sent out through the SMTP server. In order to receive emails without any issues, SMTP should be configured properly.

Note: Features such as Invite Collaborators, EA Change Summary Notifications and Guest Sign up, which require emails to be sent out, will be disabled if this setup is not done.

This article will help you configure your SMTP settings.

Configure SMTP

To go to SMTP configuration page, Click on Menu > Mailer Configuration.

In the SMTP configuration page, please provide

  • SMTP Server IP address or domain name
  • Port number of the server
  • Encryption Type - Use SSL if you are not sure
  • Authentication Type - Use Base64 if you are not sure
  • User Id and Password for the authentication
  • And finally, the email address (From Address) from which you want to receive emails from Prolaborate. For example,

After you have entered all the details correctly, click on Test & Save. The details will be validated by Prolaborate; The changes will be saved only if the details are valid.

After the changes are successfully saved, Enable SMTP from the top right of the page.

Guest Sign Up

Enable Guest Sign Up if you want to let your users register themselves in Prolaborate.

EA Notifications

Enable EA Notifications if you want your users to receive EA change summary notifications. This is Prolaborate level setting.

Note: This setting is present at an user level as well.

Invite Collaborators

Enable this setting to let your user invite other users to Collaborate on EA models.

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