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Configure Sections

February 21, 2019

A Section refers to a specific part of an Enterprise Architect (EA) model. It can be a view or a package in your EA model.

Sections help you pick and choose only those packages from EA which you want to access through Prolaborate.

This article will guide you on how to manage Sections.

Manage Sections

To add a Section, click on Menu > Sections.

Repository Browser will show everything from your EA model. You can

  1. Click on Add All if you want to bring everything from your model to Prolaborate
  2. Or drag and drop specific models/ views/ packages which you want to access through Prolaborate from Repository Browser to Sections.

Sections show the list of list of sections you have configured from your EA model, You can

  1. Click on Eye icon to see where a particular section is located in the Repository Browser
  2. Click on Trash icon to delete a Section
  3. Click on Remove All to remove all Sections at once
While removing a Section, all the access permissions configured for that Section will be lost.
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