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Configure Section

November 06, 2017

A Section refers to a Model or a Package in your Enterprise Architect (EA) model. Sections helps you pick and choose only those packages from EA which you want to access through Prolaborate. This article will guide you on how to manage Sections.

Before you go ahead, you can also check out the video guide on how to configure Sections and access permissions.

Add Sections

To add a Section, you need to go to the Sections Page. From the Repositories page, click on Configure.

The Settings options will show up. Click on Sections.

Sections page will show up all the packages from your EA model on the left. Check the snaps below to see what is shown in EA and Prolaborate. The contents are exactly same.

You can drag and drop the packages which you want to access through Prolaborate.

Include/Exclude Packages in Sections

You can remove certain sub-packages which you don’t want to see in Prolaborate.

Note: : While removing a package, all the access permissions that are configured with it will be lost.

Update Sequence of Sections

You can update the sequence of the Sections. The Repository Browser will show the Sections in the same order you set here. This is for all the users in your Organization.

Remove Sections

To remove a Section, click on the Remove icon against a section.

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