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Add Repositories

June 08, 2018

A Repository in Prolaborate is equivalent to a model in Enterprise Architect.

This article will help you understand how to add, edit and remove a repository. Please note that you need Admin access to manage repositories.

Add New Repository

A Prolaborate repository comprises of 3 aspects

  1. An underlying EA Repository
  2. Connection to the underlying EA repository in Pro Cloud Server (PCS)
  3. Adding new repository in Prolaborate referring to the connection created in PCS

You can add two types of Repositories in Prolaborate

  1. A new repository pointing to the same PCS connection – This is useful if you want to configure different sections / parts of same model to different teams.
  2. A new repository including a new EA Repository

When you log in for the first time, you will land on an empty Repositories page..

Click on Add New Repository button. The following form will open.

  • In the Repository Information section, define the following details
    • Give a Name to the repository
    • Enter Description and Alias Name. These are optional fields
  • In the Pro Cloud Server Information section, you need to enter the details of the Enterprise Architect Model. Ensure the details are exactly same as how it is configured in Pro Cloud Server (Refer to Configure Pro Cloud Server step in the Installation Guide).
    • Add Model Name: This is the name of the EA model. Please note the name is case sensitive
    • Select Protocol: It can be http or https
    • Enter the IP address of the Server on which the EA model is hosted
    • Enter the Port number
    • If Authentication is required to access the EA model, enable the Authentication Required option and enter the credentials
    • Enable Require EA Authentication if you want all the users in this repository to be prompted for EA credentials while opening this repository. You can enable this option for specific Users and User groups as well.
    • Click on Add Repository and you will be taken to the Repositories page

Please check the status of the repository you just added in the Repositories page. If the connection details are valid, the status will become Active.

If there is some issue with the configuration, you will receive any one of the following errors:

  1. Authentication Failed – This error comes up when Security is enabled in the EA Model but the details you have given in Authentication in Prolaborate is wrong. Check whether the Authentication Details are valid.
  2. PCS Connection Failed – This error occurs when there is some problem with the PCS connection. Check whether the Pro Cloud Server connection details are valid
  3. Prolaborate Service Stopped – Start the Prolaborate service from your Task Manager

Edit Repository

You can edit the repository details by choosing the Edit icon on a repository.

Remove a repository

To remove a repository, click on the trash icon.

Note :If you remove a repository, all the configuration you have done like Sections, Users, Access permissions, etc. will be lost.
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