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Prolaborate V4.3 Preview

Prolaborate 4.3 is just released with new features and enhancements.

Open Community Access

Open Community Access allows you read-only access to the entire repository in Prolaborate. They can access repository information on live simply by accessing a user-friendly link which does not require any authentication.

users can share their entire repositories in a secured way.


  • Due to security concerns, OCA is available to an On-Premise environment. For a Cloud environment, the users must purchase read-only licenses to obtain the same benefit.

Domain Access Management

Domain Access Management allows you to specify the list of domains or IP addresses that can or cannot access Prolaborate. Admin can restrict a network from accessing Prolaborate by either whitelisting or blacklisting the domains.

O365 Outlook Mail Configuration

  • Microsoft declared that they would renounce support for basic authentication from December 31st, 2022. The change in authentication mechanism emphasize Office 365 users to switch to Modern Authentication methods.
  • O365 Outlook Mail (based on MS Graph) Configuration feature brings-in support for the Modern Authentication introduced by Microsoft.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Prolaborate makes it easier to share real-time architecture and modeling information from your Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect (EA) models to Microsoft Teams.

There is no need to export/import or copy/paste data. It can be an open discussion on the most recent information from the EA models in Microsoft Teams.

Now users can get the Prolaborate app in Microsoft teams App Store to Integrate the Prolaborate in their team chat which supports Prolaborate V4.3.

Users Login History

Login History captures the user’s session activity with accurate date and time along with their status.

Confluence Integration Migration Support

It is now possible for Prolaborate users who are concurrently using Prolaborate macro in their confluence application to migrate to Prolaborate macro.

Yes, now Prolaborate has support to Migrate their macro with the following options,

  • From Server to Cloud
  • From Cloud to Server
  • To Transfer the assets from V3 Macro to V4 Macro

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