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Solution Offerings

Solution Delivery methods Details
Online, remote On-site
Commissioning Commissioning gets you up and running with your new Prolaborate installation. It makes sure you have all the right connections, installations and configurations
Mentoring Support and help when you need it. Whether it's about Prolaborate, or EA in general, we're here to keep you moving
Administrator training Learn all the tips and tricks to make the most of Prolaborate
End user training A quick guide around Prolaborate for those people who are new users. All they need to know to be successful and productive


Our consultants are the experts at getting Prolaborate to work in all kinds of environments.

Starting with a comprehensive checklist and validation tools, they can do the installation of Prolaborate and all its components for you. But remember, they can't do miracles: if you need firewall, security or other infrastructure changes making, they will have to follow your local processes.

If network access is possible, we can do this remotely, which is always more cost effective for you. Or one of our consultants will visit your site.

Please ask us for a quote, as the exact time & cost will depend on your location and IT infrastructure.


Ideally, our Prolaborate mentors would come and visit your project: nothing beats getting the team around a whiteboard. If that's what you need, then that's what we'll provide.

But we recognise that this is not always possible, or economic. If all you need is a quick review of the way you're using Prolaborate, the structure of your models, or some advice on the use of UML for a new idea, then getting one of our team to travel across the world just isn't sensible.

This is where the Prolaborate Remote Mentor service can help.

The service is available on an hourly basis, so we can 'drop in' to your project for short periods when you need us.

Typically, this means doing some kind of screen-share so we can look at what you're doing as well as audio conferencing, and can involve 1:1 or 1:many sessions. You can also use these sessions for informal teaching or advice on Prolaborate, UML, EA or other EA extensions.

We've found that a small amount of this kind of support can really keep a project moving forwards: there's nothing more frustrating than spending time inventing something that your mentor already knows, or getting stuck on something simple which your mentor can fix in a few minutes.

"We use this as a kind of 'insurance' – we know that if we need help, there's an expert just a phone call away. And if we don't need them, then that means we're doing OK."

Recent customer, Central Government

Administrator training

There are lots of ways to customise Prolaborate, and they all contribute to delivering a great experience for your users. If you are going to be a Prolaborate administrator, deciding which customisations to use can seem a bit daunting at first. So why not let our Prolaborate experts guide you through the tricks & tips.

This is a one-day, hands on workshop, using a pre-built Prolaborate environment running on one of our servers, so all you need is internet access.

You'll learn how to

  • Setup Sections and Access permissions, users and groups, so the right people see the right content
  • Create and modify dashboards, so users get a great initial experience when they login to Prolaborate
  • Customise Prolaborate Profiles, to provide fine-grained access to EA content, including giving write access to data, and creating your in-context help.
  • Other customisation tasks, like changing color themes, adding your own graphics, and generally making Prolaborate feel like it's part of your organisation,

End user training

We've found that end-users take to Prolaborate really quickly – it behaves like most other web-based applications that they are familiar with. But if you have a user population who maybe aren't used to doing things this way, then we'll create a Prolaborate environment just for them, and take them through the common Prolaborate tasks.

We can also combine this with teaching them about the unique contents of your model, and the details of what you need them to do.

Please CONTACT US for a quotation and to discuss what would be best for you.