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Prolaborate Webea Analysis

WebEA and Prolaborate are web platforms that offer live model sharing and collaboration. This article analyses the offerings in detail to give an overarching idea.

Features Prolaborate Web EA
Quick Tour See how a diagram is viewed as a Guest. Click hereSee how a team member gets to see a selected part of the model. Click hereCheck out the landing page – a completely tailored Dashboard. Click hereYou can also display a thumbnail view of diagrams for a user to start with. Click here WebEA – Try It NowDemo Sandbox
User Authentication Active Directory IntegrationSystem level User ManagementSupport for EA Security (Optional)Refer – Active Directory,  User Group Management Refer – EA SecurityAny access code necessary to open a modelEnterprise Architect Security model
Customizable Forms Simplified User Forms based on MDG Technologies, Tagged values and StereotypesRefer – MDG Technology based form Comprehensive list of all tagged values and artifact information.
Model Contents Visibility Selective Model sharing by defining sections to shareRefer –  Prolaborate SectionsGranular Access permissions to control Visibility at an element and attribute levelRefer – Access Permissions Possible in some databases by hiding selected rows using Database Row Level SecurityRefer – DB Admin Row Level Security
Customizable Landing Pages DashboardsThumbnail ViewsFeeds (Social Media Wall) viewRefer – Prolaborate Form Designer  WebEA Watchlists Enterprise Architect Navigation cellsRefer – Navigation Cells in EA
Notifications SMTP Based Email Notifications, In-App Popup Notifications, Notification Feeds, Activity Log. Refer – Notifications  In-app Model Change Events Refer –  Notifications
Reviews Workflow driven reviews setup and configured in the web interface. Refer – Reviews in Prolaborate  Setup and configure reviews in Enterprise Architect using Formal Review elements.Refer – EA Formal Reviews 

Please contact  support[at]prolaborate[dot]com for more details or demo of WebEA or Prolaborate. 


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