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Prolaborate 5 – New Features Overview

We’re excited to announce the highly anticipated release of Prolaborate V5. The new version holds significant value for our esteemed customers for several reasons. The new release introduces a range of features and capabilities specifically designed to support Enterprise Architectural Practice. Prolaborate V5 aligns with Prolaborate V3.7 in most aspects, with the exception of Excel Import and Matrix Creation. In this article, we introduce the exciting new features of Prolaborate V5.

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New Features

Lifecycle Roadmaps (Learn More)

The advanced lifecycle roadmap is a powerful method for showcasing the status of various architectural artifacts, such as applications, capabilities, or projects. It plays a pivotal role in the Application Portfolio Planning providing a clear and concise overview of their lifecycles.

Dynamic Charts – One Chart Multiple Reports (Learn More)

Over the years, we have observed that our customers rely heavily on charts to visualize data. Furthermore, we have noticed that many users create multiple charts for the same object and each chart displays different data points.

Dynamic Charts will reduce such redundant efforts and will offer more intuitive reports for users to analyze information based on various attributes. Users can pick the data they would like to see on the go. This enhancement allows for greater flexibility and efficiency in data representation.

Dynamic Charts can be enabled in the following chart types:

  1. a. Pie
  2. b. Donut
  3. c. Bar (Regular and Stacked)
  4. d. Column (Regular and Stacked)
  5. e. Landscape charts representing multi-level hierarchical information

Card Widget (Learn More)

Users always prefer curated and succinct insights from complex architecture information, to focus on important aspects of the business.

  • Card Widget allows architects to highlight business information and key metrics from model in your dashboard Designed to highlight vital metrics like cost, numbers, counts, and text, the Card Widget allows for concise and visually appealing presentation of key information.
  • Our business users highly appreciate this widget for providing valuable insights into crucial aspects, including Total Cost Of (TCO) applications, applications count based on key attributes, percentage of high-impact applications and much more.

Rich Text Editor for Dashboards (Learn More)

We have introduced an advanced Rich text editor, to enhance documentation in dashboards. This new editor replaces the HTML editor widget and offers improved functionalities and benefits to users who require custom texts and formatting options. The Rich Text editor significantly enhances the appeal and presentability of dashboards to stakeholders. With additional features that simplify the editing documentation content in dashboards, it becomes the ideal choice for text and image presentation.

Rich Text Editor for Email Templates (Learn More)

The Rich Text Editor is now also available for customizing email templates. This new editor provides enhanced functionalities and benefits for users who need custom texts and formatting options, making it easier to customize emails.

List Views and Inline Editor for Easy Model Updates (Learn More)

‘Inline editing using a simple list view, powered by metadata to allow context-based model editing’.
List views, designed to resemble Excel-like interfaces, have always been the choice for stakeholders when it comes to viewing and updating model information. Whether it’s the task of viewing and updating applications, managing data entities, or modifying requirements and use cases, the combination of list views and inline editors has consistently delivered the most sought-after user experience.

The List view and inline editor is enabled in all key model viewing capabilities of Prolaborate.

  • Viewing artifacts (or child elements) of a package
  • List of Elements listed based on charts and reports

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