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Prolaborate 5.3 Release Highlights

We are happy to announce the new set of features that are part of Prolaborate 5.3, our upcoming release. The article covers a few of the highlights from the release.

Empower Non-Native English Users

As we now have an expanded network of global customers across the world, it has become a necessity to support non-English users in their architectural journey. These global users can now access Prolaborate menu in 4 different languages. Our customers speaking French, Dutch, Arabic are set to gain a lot from this feature. The new feature helps them to maximize the benefit of model management. By incorporating a language selection option, we can empower users from different linguistic backgrounds and make navigating Prolaborate’s interface easy and understandable.

Learn more about the feature here.

The application user interface is currently accessible in the following languages:

  • Arabic
  • Dutch
  • French
  • English

Publishing Sparx EA Models to SharePoint Simplified

There is a significant demand for publishing Sparx EA models to MS SharePoint. Publishing Architectural model information such as business capabilities, application portfolio, business processes, and data modeling to SharePoint from Enterprise Architecture tools is a common use case. The use case helps large enterprise teams communicate information to a wider audience across the organization. As most organizations use Wiki or SharePoint as their information portal, publishing enterprise-level information on SharePoint makes sense.

Discover how to publish the EA model in 3 simple clicks!

 In our quest to create something simpler and more seamless, we put our best brains to work. As a result, we now proudly introduce Prolaborate Macro for SharePoint Cloud.

Learn more about the feature here.

Resources Manager

Most of Prolaborate’s resources (widgets, reports, dashboards, etc.) are scattered across the application under different menus and have not benefitted a vast set of users because they are unaware of such features. Prolaborate introduces Resources Manager, which brings all the reusable resources under a common library. With a lot of focus on usability, we believe the feature will deliver a better user experience and value to users.

Introducing the Resources Manager to manage the resources. As a first step, we have included Widgets Library and Reports Configuration under Resources Manager.

  • Widgets Library helps users to manage the widgets across the repository.
  • Creation of widgets and publishing the content and managing its configuration becomes lot handier.
  • With widgets library, users can publish one widget to multiple dashboards, manage its data source and reporting formats from a single place.

Review Reminder Email Notification

In the heart of information management, be it requirements, solutions, enterprise, or data, ‘Review Participants’ often face the challenge of remembering pending artifact reviews. Because of this reason, reviews usually get delayed, and the projects take longer to complete as against the original plan. ‘Review Reminders’ a new feature designed to send emails and in-app notifications, gently nudges participants about their pending tasks.

With timely reminders, Prolaborate users are influenced to participate and close their pending actions on time.

Read more about the feature here.

Refer to the release notes to learn more about the complete list of improvements and bug fixes.

Join us as we redefine enterprise architectural space with new features, the concept that transcends boundaries and transforms Prolaborate into a new era of possibilities!


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